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210 x 150 x 100
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150° C
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Bow Tie
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Small ffibkryhepvqke Small ffibkryhepvqke martin_vaněček
Bow Tie
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BonMammam Candle holder
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Aria the Dragon
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Small google plus profile picture   250x250 By CEL Robox on Oct 20 2016
Designed to make creating easier

We are a product design company and Robox was designed to ensure our design work was not hindered by configuring and managing the printer. We press print, it prints, we carry on designing. 

Avatar small By jamestoogood on Oct 20 2016
Love My Robox

A fantastic printer, was printing with in 20mins of opening the box, very easy to use with many automated features such as bed levelling taking the chore of setting up away from the user and letting you get on with designing and printing. would highly recommend to anyone wanting a no hassle printer .

Small 20140929 133635752 ios By jjnm5 on Oct 26 2016

Incredible Printer ... from the first moment perfectly printed, makes the process simple and effective, and you have to just worry about your design

Small 5331653ad6e62b68a95c2f3ac1716432 By Jean-Claude Hofer on Oct 26 2016

Très bonne imprimante plug&play, un peu bruyante côté ventilation, bonne précisons, il est possible d'utiliser des filaments externe grâce à la mise à jour régulière du logiciel, peut-être paramètrer selon les besoins, une fois le fichier transférer sur l'imprimante, elle peut se déconnecter de l'ordinateur pour un fonctionnement autonome, facile à transporter pour des présentations externes grâce au sac fourni. Les modifications pour double filament  couleurs ou matière est un atout agréable proposé par le fabriquant. Par exemple des supports qui se diluent dans l'eau ou autre.

Avatar small By TAZIE on Oct 30 2016
Exellent Printer

Excellent printer compact design and easy to use. Support from CEL is second to none and easy to contact with a lot of Q/A available online. Regular software & firmware updates, models are very good with little or no clean up. I am very satisfied with this printer and would recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing one, the price is good to.

Small 12107758 10205174675187094 8197691292101676716 n By terry_taylor on May 30 2017
Robox (Kickstarter Edition)

I have been very happy with this printer. There were some "teething" issues with the first Kickstarters, but CEL's support has been very good. I did the dual material upgrade myself and it went flawlessly!.

Product build quality is VERY good and support (both from the company and the user community) is Excellent.

Small robotommy 003 By Irblinx on May 30 2017
Takes the hassle out of 3D printing

The Cel Robox is a great printer with superb aesthetics, unparalleled ease of use and an incredibly shallow learning curve.

Whilst it is not perfect, small build volume, propriety software with limited advanced options, high cost and supply chain issues affecting  filament and spares (they are apparently setting up a new supply chain), it does do some many things perfectly. The bed auto levelling is second to none, the Smartreels take the guesswork out of Filament settings, the needle valve nozzles keep stringing to a minimum, the PEI sheet bed just sticks. The included tools are first class (maybe should have done flush cutters in there), the look, feel and build quality are top class and enclosed build volume all add up to make PLA, PET and ABS printing a doddle.,

Overall I would say this is great printer, giving consistent results, ideally suited to education but equally adept in any environment.

The active online community is very small but there are still good people around giving advice.

Small 11822281 10154070808874746 8395740087038123608 n By grant_mackenzie on May 30 2017
Easiest to use 3D printer on the market

I run a hub and own a few 3D printers from a number of well known and less well known manufacturers. My five Robox 3D printers are by far the easiest to use and certainly the best looking. Results with PETG filament in particular are the best I've seen. 

Avatar small By Zearan on May 31 2017
Small with bad parts cooling

It is very "plug and print" compared to other 3d printers, and it usually produces good prints, but I would not recommend it. It is too small (in the z axis especially), the print parts cooling sucks, the Automaker software feels restricting to use, it is slow, and it is noisy. 

Avatar small By daveeaston on Nov 29 2017
Easy to set up and use

Excellent print Quality 

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