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Avatar small By johns85mcss on Jan 19 2019
Great printer

my 1st printer , easy to set up and easy to get it going . 

Avatar small By corolla02 on Jan 21 2019
Great printer

It´s a great printer for less money. I own now two of this.

Avatar small By J Lane on Jan 23 2019
It's a great printer for new to mid-range users

This is my second printer.  I cut my teeth for a year on an MP Mini to learn the ins and outs of 3D printing.  I decided to upgrade to a CR-10s  for the much larger build volume.

There are a lot of things that are right about this printer, and a lot of things that are extremely frustrating.  You can tell that corners were cut in certain places (the notoriously noisy fans for instance).  If Creality had put just a little more effort in, they could have had an extremely good offering instead of just "good".

If you do decide to buy one, the first thing you should do is replace the print bed.  Even the glass bed they shipped it with is warped/inconsistent and caused me countless problems.  Get a cheap mirror from Ikea and immediately you'll start having better results.  After that, there are a ton of upgrades you can do, but nothing you must do!

Avatar small By m-fillion on Jan 26 2019
Great for beginners.

Took a few runs, but with all the infomation out there, I was able to get amazing prints after only a few attempts. 

Avatar small By yves51 on Jan 29 2019
bon matériel

imprimante facile à utiliser pour un amateur, une fois les bons réglages trouvés. bon rapport qualité/prix. quelques améliorations à apporter, notament l'extrudeur et changer la vitre bombée.

Avatar small By on Feb 12 2019
For the price and size I believe this is the one to get

Been printing with great results. Nothing to complain about for a printer with this build volume at this price range.

Avatar small By Robt Conrad on Feb 12 2019
I got the best at the best price

Build volume is 300x300x300mm 

Glass on bed w/ hairspray makes printing easy

Cost less than $500

Get a better nozzle and hotend kit from Micro Swiss to save on nozzle failures.

PLA is my only choice in filament but with a bordon tube feed you'll need extra retract to prevent stringing and ~2mm restart to prime the nozzle.

I print RC planes from 3DLabPrint during the winter so I can fly all summer.  TOO MUCH FUN!

Hobby King has all the filament choices at the best price when you buy from US warehouse.

Avatar small By AITec Services on Feb 13 2019
Excellent printers for the price

We have older models of these printers and they run 24/7 without fail. We do wear out parts on a regular basis but it is all normal wear and tear.  Power supply failures are common so we always have half a dozen spares on hand. Burned up supplies get rebuilt and put back into the pile for future use. We also use 12x12 inch mirrors on the heated beds. The mirrors are slightly smaller than the build plate but it has never been a problem. Bed adhesion trouble has never been a problem either.

Avatar small By MrBsHouse on Feb 15 2019
CR-10 1 month in use

This is my first 3-d printer, so my star score might be less valid than others.  Love the community support, without it I might have boxed it back up.  The most important thing I've learned it that you need to do your e-step calibrations to get it to work right (do them in the temperature you plan to print at). Did I mention to calibrate your e-steps?  Yes important enough to type it twice ;-) I got the extra support brackets to try to square it up, but it's still outa square, that's why the build quality in not 5 star, also the glass was not flat (just flip it over...not even the replacement with textured surface was flat until flipped over) Level it out, then triple check!    It works well at lower temperatures, but the parts are not as durable. Print as hot as you can to make sure it all melts together.  To see how things are printing, I have to use a flashlight.

Additional lighting and a better fan configurations are planned for future upgrades.

Avatar small By mattr85 on Feb 18 2019
Realiable prints at a good price!

I found my Cr-10 at a Bargain Hunt for about $300.  I upgraded it to dual z-axis and I've had a very high rate of success with it.  I've been printing a helmet from the movie The Martian and all the individual parts fit very well together.  It prints with a very high degree of accuracy. 

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