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Avatar small By Munir Nuristani on Dec 11 2020

3D printing is not simple, and it is not for everyone, there are always issues that you have to troubleshoot and solve with 3D printing. CR-10 has a simple and accessible design, makes upgrading and maintaining simple and easy. If you are buying CR-10 opt for newer versions or be ready to invest some money on upgrades. 

Avatar small By whitemarlin on Dec 15 2020
Up Grades help

Did several upgrades, springs and leveling wheels, Extruder drive. Both seem to help print quality at a low price for up grade. When power interrupts printing, resume print does not line up with where the print stopped. But overall for the price the printer does a good job on most prints. 

Avatar small By teri2864 on Dec 28 2020
Love it

this is a great machine. So easy to use. Very quiet. It takes a long time to print some things but is worth the wait. If you get the ender filament, it can be very stinky. But a great machine for beginners or advanced.

Avatar small By marclehir on Dec 29 2020
great machine

this is a great machine. So easy to use.

Avatar small By Andrea Sevincel on Dec 30 2020
idk good i guess

first i had some errors but its entirely in me so its good

Avatar small By RayStMr on Jan 02 2021
Good Out of the box

The printer was great right out of the box with the test prints. Problem finding good filament after you run out of the stock material that came with the printer. Once you find a good source the printer works very well. The bed could use better insulation but does work very well.

Avatar small By colrob on Jan 04 2021
Creality CR 10S Pro v2

Lots of teething problems to start with (wouldn't go past the welcome screen for a while) but after lots of on/off starts, it works fine now.  Other problems were mostly due to my inexperience and lack of a proper User Manual. While at the upper end of the home printer choices, I am very pleased with the results I am now getting. Printer is quiet and seems well made. 

Avatar small By Stefan Berger on Jan 04 2021
Good printer easy to use and good quality

Good printer for an affordable price

Avatar small By bike.mike on Jan 06 2021
A really solid relatively low-cost printer with lots of 3rd party support.

My CR-10S is my 2nd printer.  My 1st was a DIY sort-of copy of an Ender 5 .  I learned some painful lessons with that 1st printer so I opted for a number of upgrades for my CR-10S right out of the box: OctoPrint, BL Touch, direct extruder, Micro-Swiss all-metal hot end with hardened nozzle, convenient X&Y belt tensioners, Z-axis braces, and quiet drivers.  Most of my designs come from Fusion 360 and I use PrusaSlicer with different configurations for PLA, NylonX, and ProtoPasta bronze filled filament.  

This machine has been very reliable. I'm still expanding my own experiences to keep up with what the machine will do.

Avatar small By Absoluty on Jan 08 2021
Bonne imprimante mais soucis d'accroche avec le plateau en verre

Tout est dans le titre

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