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Avatar small By Cristiano Salata on Jul 05 2020
In a sea of choices a super printer !

Best printer ever, never had a printing problem ( after calibration). Mainly used with pla and petg. 

I love my cr10s!

Avatar small By ricklemon342 on Jul 05 2020
Review of CR-10 (S)

Have had my CR-10S for about 3 years and it is a fine printer. The biggest downside is that it is 12 volts, so the heated bed and hotend nozzle take a while to heat up. I also have an Ender 3 and a modifiedPrusa i3 clone that is built out of old parts, but works very well.

Avatar small By Michael Moon1 on Jul 07 2020
( Crealiyy S10 plus )

If you can't give this printer a 5 Star.  It's you, that don't know how to use it.

Avatar small By sracing on Jul 11 2020
Right out of the box my first 6 or 7 were perfect.

Good from the start. My only failures were my own fault.   Made a bed spring mod and that made a big difference with maintaining alignment. Community support is great.

Avatar small By Super Hypo on Jul 17 2020
Impression parfaite une fois le bed changé

Super bonne imprimante, d'une belle qualité de finition, j'enlève néanmoins 1 étoile sur ce point à cause du lit qui préposé à un défault (Pas plat) sinon 4 € vous pouvez en avoir un chez Leroy Merlin. Il faudra aussi penser à changer l'extrudeur (12 €), 

Avatar small By Santiago Rojas on Jul 20 2020
Creality3D CR - 10

I'm satisfaced with the  printer 3d , quality and cost its good

Avatar small By josephmexico365 on Jul 23 2020
Great printer

I love the 3D printer only issue I’ve been having is the piece on the extruder keeps sliding up no matter how tight I tighten the Allen screws so I have to keep a eye on it while it prints or else it stops feeding the filiment other than that prints amazing would definitely recommend 

Avatar small By LUIS G. Reyes on Jul 31 2020
Creality3D CR - 10

Good print quality and price; I am satisfied with this printer.

Avatar small By dedmunki on Aug 12 2020
Excellent machine

after watching about five YouTube videos I decided to buy this printer and I know nothing about printing. I was able to put it together do a couple of tests prints wonderful. Issues I've had or due to lack of experience like filament not sticking board. Had a bit of an issue where filament got jammed been great since.

Avatar small By oppy on Aug 12 2020
Creality3D CR-10 printer review

This is my first 3D printer. It was easy to set up.  The build quality is good. A few of my first prints did not stick to the bed. After watching a some YouTube videos to learn how to level the bed and adjust the nozzle clearance I was away. I then printed out 200 face shield clips as part of a local campaign to supply care homes and the hospice with PPE during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. There was the odd failed print along the way, which is all part of learning to use a new technology and device. A good investment which I look forwards to using some more.

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