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300 x 300 x 400
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Small img 20190403 173617 By Antonio Ortiz on Oct 02 2020
My first printer

I'm kind of new in 3D printing and this printer makes it easy to learn, know I'm printing almost daily!

Small lgo ht new By HTBROS on Oct 16 2020
Excellent for beginners and experts.

Excellent and affordable machine, excellent for begginers and experts. Not the best quality on the market, but you can develop pretty good proyects with it.

Avatar small By Tyler Durden1 on Oct 18 2020
My first 3d printer

Only a few bolts to assemble.  The instructions were in chinese but it was pretty easy to figure out where everything went. I would definitely recommend this printer

Avatar small By Driss Maroc on Oct 19 2020
is nice machine

nice and affordable printer I am happy with it

Avatar small By hipopsilopsid on Oct 29 2020
first time user

i'm 54 and this is my first time buying or using a 3d printer, i got he creality ender 3 pro and i'm having a blast with it.

Avatar small By JDGaffney on Nov 04 2020
Creality Ender-5 Pro (actually)

Chose the CR-10 because it was the only option to join the discussion.  So far only printed the equipment "test dog" which printed perfectly.

Small 12801587 1364720026878847 8912191930473024204 n By faeryl on Nov 06 2020
Ender 3

My Ender 3 was a gift from a friend, and I have to say, it's not bad, though I have no experience with any other printers to compare it to.  That being said, it was simple to put together, easy to start using, and fun in the beginning.  I have since gotten OctoPrint for my Ender3 and would never go back to NOT having it!!  There were several upgrades I had to do, though.  The extruder fan needed replaced, which required getting a converter board from the included 24volt to a 12volt since there were no 24 volt fans.  Without the new fan, there were several types of filament, including wood, that I could not print with.  I've also had to replace the filament feeder piece, the bowen tubing, and the nozzles several times until I was able to afford a higher quality nozzle.

Avatar small By Ravindra Joshi on Nov 07 2020
No real customer service

No real customer service. All the help from Forum / community / enthusiasts, The assembly manual is very rudimentary,  not specific  to the model you buy. I still have few open questions, not sure, whether customer service will be able to address.

Even though its the cheapest option available in the market, I will suggest not to go for this.

Avatar small By Tenebrio on Nov 10 2020
Creality CR-10

A primera vista , es una impresora de montaje sencillo , la calibración de la cama, fue un poco estresante ya que su final de carrera quedaba por  debajo del limite de la cama; siendo su única solución subir el limite del eje X, aun calibrando la temperatura de la cama ya que el material se despega (PLA), es muchísimo mas silenciosa que una Ender 3- V2 (otra que poseo). 

Avatar small By Herb Garcia on Nov 16 2020
Easy to setup but with some help

Works great, better than my Da Vinci Super. Only issued I had was putting the printer together. The instructions had me a bit confused. I had to look for assembly videos on YouTube for my Ender 3 v2.

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