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Avatar small By ZoX on Apr 19 2019
CR-10 S PRO have great price/quality balance. Very good printer

The printer it self is almost perfect out of the box. I tried PLA, PETG, WOOD and plan to test METAL and LAYBRICK filament and it pass perfect, if the settings are good. You must experiment on that. I had problem with a bed, it is not perfect flat, but good thing is that printer have auto measurement on 16 points on the bed, so it can compensate that Original sensor is not precise enough and nozzle scratch the bed.  I recommend to change capacitive sensor withe the inductive one. And original hot end with microswiss all metal hot end with steal nozzle, if you wish to work with materials that have particles like metal, wood, laybrick, like i did. My original messing nozzle stuck in the middle of the printing wood, it's clog. I dont recommend to print ninjaflex, but some TPU should work fine. I print mostly with 0.1mm layer height, 60-100 print speed, 205-235 temp, bad temp 55-65 (all those depending of material, but everything that i print was in that range). I didn't use customer support, and the info that you get on youtube and forums about this printer is maybe little poor and very basic.

General, it is very good printer, especially for that price, all components are from metal, not plastic, many things are upgraded from CR-10 and CR-10S models.

Avatar small By ebear_49 on Apr 21 2019
Love My Creality CR 10

I have been using my CR-10 for several months and love it. It has a large build plate and the items I have printed are all of good quality. If I were to get another printer it would sure be a Creality.

Small photolab app half robot face mask img 20190305 125434 By HiRez on Apr 22 2019
Best value printer ,CR-10
I purchased the printer, and I will not stop enjoying it. With very few improvements, the printer gives high value to its purchase price.
Avatar small By William R. on Apr 24 2019
Go for it, good printer and great community.

Fair product, great value. Actually one of the best of the market i guess. Large community for help and upgrades. cons: The glass (wobble) problem still there on 2019 model. Not a big deal but the entire CR-10 family should have an ultrabase or, at least, a better glass quality. However, with some home made upgrades, it becomes the best value printer you can buy. My humble opinion.

Small character socrates By Olaf1974 on May 11 2019
Good home 3D printer

Fun printer to learn on.  I work with industrial quality 3D printers and this is not industrial quality by any means, but does make usable prints once it is set-up.  Great value for the quality of prints it produces.  Good for home or small business use.  With some training, I think children as young as 10 could use it.  In a small manufacturing / machining business this would be more useful than you think.  Best to be part of an online group to learn the Ins and Outs of printing, as the documentation that came with the printer is not good at training.  I depend on Youtube a lot.  One detail I learned late was that the rollers have eccentric bushings that can be turned by the wrench to help tighten the fit of the rollers and stabilize the system.  Since I adjusted them my prints have come out spectacularly well.  Have fun designing and making prints for your Family,  Friends and Self.

Avatar small By Adi on May 12 2019
Great printer at great cost

Great printer , easy to operate, very good print, a good community. Is my first printer and i use it  a lot. 

Avatar small By FOCUST5 on May 12 2019
Excelente impresora

Al aire libre

Avatar small By Polymorph on May 13 2019
Works after a short and simple setup process

It comes in just enough pieces to be shipped in a smaller box. I bought last year's model this year because it was several hundred dollars off. With the default settings, my test print looked great and the layer adhesion was very good.

I suppose I practiced false economy by not buying the latest version, as I've added upgrades that, it turns out, most are on the newer version. I installed a MicroSwiss all metal head so I can use hotter filament, Capricorn Premium PTFE bowden tubing for flexible filament, a magnetic flexible bed, Z-brace frame support, and large wheels on the bed levelers. I bought some rubber vibration dampers for the steppers and proximity sensor, but have not installed them yet. 

I read a lot of reviews that complained about the stock glass bed not being flat, so I never even tried to use it. Just stuck the flexible magnetic bed on and printed. I use an Elmer's Washable Glue Stick to hold the prints down. No need to let it dry.

I just put a roll of PETG and it printed fine.

I bought this because our local makerspace, OlyMEGA, bought two CReality printers and they've been great. The only thing I'd change, if I were to do this again, would be to spend the extra $200 to get the 10S Pro to get most of the upgrades already installed, and have the electronics under the printer rather than in a box sitting next to the printer.

Avatar small By markv3082 on May 16 2019
Excellent value

Nice big build platform great print quality Highly recommended. Update the Marlin software and it really comes to life

Avatar small By vvalle18 on May 20 2019
Easy to use. Except with ABS.

Great printer. Easy to use. Excellent cost benefits.

Cons: Difficult to use with ABS. Takes a lot of space  in my room.

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