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Avatar small By Enraged DIYArtist on Jun 18 2019
Best printer for the budget user

I have been using this printer for few weeks now works flawlessly, easy modifications and upgrades can be done, provides great print with quality and resolution. Different types of filament materials are supported and has a good build volume. Speed can be adjusted, resume print technology during power failures, and open source so firmware can be upgraded to future versions

Avatar small By Frank Stolp on Jun 28 2019
Good 3D printer

this is a great beginners printer

Avatar small By thoughtful3d on Jun 29 2019
Creality CR-10S Pro

Like anything, once you get the hang of it - this printer is great.  I’m a newbie and have had the printer for two months now.

My largest complaint about this printer is that it’s loud.  Prior to purchasing it I read and viewed videos where other’s were claiming that it was nearly silent.  The decibel app on my phone rates it at 71db which equals traffic.  The only other thing is that I don’t fully understand the value of the auto leveling function.  I understand what it physically does, but I see no better build quality when calibrating it manually or automatically.  Actually even when you automatically calibrate it, it still takes a twist or two to get the extrusion perfect.  Lastly, I recently learned that the hot end nozzle thread is a unique pitch and replacement tips can only be purchased directly from Creality at this time.  So my replacements were purchased ladt week and are on a boat somewhere between China and Seattle.  I expect them to arrive in the coming week.

Now for the positives.  Amazing build quality, ample controls and a huge print surface that lets you create nearly a 12x12x12 inch object.  I’m having really good luck with PLA and PETG materials.  I used a couple generic spools of PLA to start with mixed results.  Then I started to use 3DSolutech, Polyalchemy and Hatchbox products and found better consistency (settings) and predictable build quality.  I use a flexible magnetic build surface and typically run materials from 206 - 214 degrees at the hot end and a build surface temp of 50 - 54 degrees.  I was using the stock aluminum surface at 60 degrees.  When I got the flexible unit I was baking materials.  So I used an infrared bbq thermometer to get a target temp and then played around with the magnetic surface temps until I got similar readings.  

I recently had the a build failure on a simple print that was going to run overnight.  I’m still not sure what happened, but it broke off the lower fan duct that directs air to the hot end.  Lucky there’s lots of resources out there and in 35 minutes I had printed a replacement and was back printing.

If I was more technical I would try and make the unit quieter and upgrade the firmware.  But because I’m just learning, I’m opting to stay consistent and use it as is for the time being.

If you aren’t a newbie, I would highly recommend this printer.  If you are new to 3D printing, start with the Creality Ender Pro to minimize your investment and take time to flatten your learning curve.

Avatar small By Alex Watt1 on Jun 30 2019
Pretty good

It took a while to get set up and printing properly but works great and is exactly what I wanted

Avatar small By Mark Wilson on Jul 02 2019
Great printer for the price

From the first day I built it, it's run like a champion. Prints really well, just take your time as you assemble it. Couldn't be happier with it.

Avatar small By tiffany.davinci on Jul 03 2019
CR 10 review

Crealitys CR10's are some of the best desktop printers for the price, Great Value. I have the largest they make and it has a removable glass bed. I wouldn't recommend using ABS though. It is wide open and the prints do warp with ABS but PLA works great.

Avatar small By Christine Davis on Jul 16 2019
Easy beginner printer

Watched a YouTuber assemble his and followed along.  had it up and running its first print in no time.   Fairly simple to use.  I would recommend you either get the upgrade from the CR 10 that has the low filament alarm or just being more active and not walking away from a large print for too long.  The replacement tubing is rather cheap and easy to find.  Finding forums that assist with troubleshooting is pretty easy too.  

PLA and the Cr 10 is like a cold soda on a hot day.  works well together.  I am still trying to get PETG to print a little better despite plate temp and nozzle temp adjustments.  Feels like a user error but maybe you'll have better luck than I. 

Avatar small By Ulf Hallberg on Jul 21 2019

Assembled it, quite easy. 

Had my bother come and help level the bed (I'm a noob). Workes flawlessly.

Avatar small By scottacleveland on Aug 05 2019
Good enough for most of us!

Like all sub $1000.00 printers its not perfect...however it's good enough.  My printer is actually a CR-10 Mini.  I went with this unit because I was able to obtain it used from a 3d printing expert.  This individual did not use it much however they did dial it in.  

This unit does all I ask of it.

The best part of the CR-10 is all the support on line for them and a very active aftermarket parts community.

For the price difference I recommend going with a normal size CR-10.  More build volume is always better.

Avatar small By concetto di salvo on Aug 18 2019
Buono nella media

Non è chissà quale stampante, ma magari per iniziare con una stampante non troppo complicata e che non costa tanto può andare benissimo.

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