Creality3D CR - 10

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
300 x 300 x 400
Layer Resolution
No data
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Open Source

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Avatar small By gus mc on Sep 04 2019
cr10 original

cr10 is easy to use easy to build

ive had no trouble at all using the cr10

the longest print to date is 20hrs for me

the hardest thing for me is finding  the right software to use 

Avatar small By faml666 on Sep 12 2019
Ender 3 pro best budget

Very good printer for price!

Avatar small By fawzi behbehani on Sep 14 2019
good for hobbiest

easy to use and maintenance  and good price

Avatar small By theschemer on Sep 25 2019
Creality CR10S is a great budget printer

Like any budget printer the CR10S can be fixed up to perform even better by looking for all of the available tweaks and printable upgrades. I am still working on the upgrades but it prints really well once you get it dialed in. Would I buy another one? Yes.

Avatar small By jmoots on Sep 26 2019
Great Little printer for the cost.

Its a great little printer, Just have to tweak it quite a bit before getting into anything to get ride of stringing and build quality down.

Avatar small By Franz Fuchs on Sep 30 2019
Einfach top

Für den Fall, dass Sie nicht mehr weiterkommen möchten

Small img 20170623 wa0010 By John Cihan Selcuk on Oct 11 2019
Creality3D CR - 10 PRO

very good printer and cheap easy to use , good machine.

Avatar small By Peter Pröpper on Oct 13 2019
Reliable giant, many improvements from huge user base available

Easy to build, delivers more than 90% of prints successful, huge build volume, many upgrades available. Would buy him again - although one year went by I like him better than others.

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