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Small 541584 10151517124584406 1000057488 n By michael_chen on Jun 23 2018
best buy in budget

cheap and easy

Avatar small By ab_steph on Aug 08 2018

très bonne  imprimante je la recommande fortement

Avatar small By Steindor Steindorsson on Sep 28 2017
This printer is amazing

I was surprised how good quality this printer prints and very easy to use.

 I recommend this printer  for the price. I just love this printer

Avatar small By fawzi behbehani on Sep 14 2019
good for hobbiest

easy to use and maintenance  and good price

Avatar small By alanbound on Nov 09 2017
Great printer

I'm new to 3d printing .The creality Cr-10 is an easy to use good quality printer .There's a really good Facebook group that are there to help as well.

Avatar small By Jayson on Nov 12 2017
Great Printer

Easy (if a little tedious) to set up, low maintenance, large build volume, high quality prints. So far, really happy with it.

Avatar small By drdave on Aug 20 2017
Might be the best printer for the money

This is a huge printer at 300mm squared and 400mm high this allows some really BIG prints.  It is 99% assembled upon arrival and all you need to do is attach the gantry and plug in two wires.   

There is a known issue with the included glass plate so everyone pretty much tosses it in favor of their favorite material.  I personally bought several 300mm squared mirror tiles at the hardware store I use one for PEI one for hairspray and  one for a Buildtak type material depending on the filament.  

The bed is heated but realize that this is a HUGE printer so getting bed temps over 100C is all but impossible without some sort of closure.  

All in all this is a great printer and when it first came out it was $350 USD but now has gone up a bit to $450 USD.  It has two larger cousins that increase the X-Y to 400mm and then to 500mm at significantly higher prices (called the CR-104 and CR-105).  

We have abused ours with lots of prints and it is working great.  We have done nonsensically small items like micro prints at 2cm and they were OK as the hot end is still 0.4mm and then some HUGE prints like full human skull heads heads at 150% normal size and we are quite satisfied

We use this mainly for prototyping and surgical and medical models for surgery so we are detail oriented.  The printers have satisfied our needs

The costs are low to buy and no different to upkeep.

Dr D

Avatar small By Riff Raff on Aug 23 2017
Very Happy Puppie

Really bad buying experience from GearBest, but the printer is great.  Exceeds my expectations.  Very simple to setup.  Has not missed a beat.

Small 18425473 1459067930798266 1646596459458824811 n By nars_borjigin on Sep 01 2017
Good printer

Very good print quality. Liked it very much.

Avatar small By Gera Yeremin on Sep 03 2017
This 3d printer is awesome

I always have something going.  Best 3d printer I have ever owned.  Its also the first =D.

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