Monoprice Maker Select

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The Monoprice Maker Select is one of the more popular variants of the Prusa i3 design. With its ability to print at high resolutions with a variety of materials at low cost, this is a great printer for beginners and seasoned makers alike.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 180
Layer Resolution
100-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By jkellycraftandtrade on May 01 2018
Monoprice Maker Select v2 - A tinker's printer

The Monoprice Maker select is a clone of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 which means there is a load of community support for this printer. The price tag of around $300 means you can get a good quality machine that has the potential to be phenomenal with some tweaking. This being my first printer I had a lot of learning lessons some way harder than they should have been. However in the end I am far more educated and competent with it then if it just worked perfectly out of the box. Assembly is quite simple and if you only want occasionally print some things out of PLA then you will not be disappointed. The only real issue I ran into so far is a loose connection to the bed thermistor which was an easy fix. I would suggest adding the frame cross brace mod that can be found on thingaverse. It made a remarkable improvement to the print quality. There is a Wiki for the Wanhao i3 which goes over some really simple mods and tweaks you can make to the printer that will improve the quality and flexibility of the printer. 

Avatar small By christopher_jeffries on May 04 2018
Monoprice Maker Select PLUS

This is my 2nd 3D printer after I started with the MP Select Mini V2

I got my PLUS when Monoprice ran $100 off special so it was a great value

Easy setup and printing NON STOP

I am addicted

Avatar small By moises on Jul 04 2018
It’s a great printer the software is a little challenging

beside the software issues it a great printer.

Avatar small By michele breton1 on Sep 20 2018
Not for beginners

I upgraded from the lower priced mono[price model & i'm glad i did. This model is not as user friendly as the lower mode but owning the previous one helped a lot. The build quality is far superior & for the price it's definitely worth it

Avatar small By fulload9 on Jan 13 2019
i like the printer

it's easy to use . bed leveling is the only draw back to the printer. I have no problem working or operating this printer.

Avatar small By Yo on Jan 24 2019
Overall its great fun but a steep learning curve for us.

Would have liked a better, fuller instruction book but the online help was great. Setting up the printer took time but was not difficult. Downloading designs is no problem but for novices like us understanding the software is taking time. Too much techno speak that manufactures automattically assume customers will understand. But we'll gt there.

Avatar small By smithj33 on Feb 05 2019
Great printer at a great price

Companies continue to release new printers every year, but this i3 clone still works near perfect. I haven't had any clogs or jams and prints come out great. Leveling the bed perfectly does take time to learn, but once you do, it is easy to level. Since this is an i3 clone, this is a very well documented and discussed printer. I will say most issues I have seen are user error and no fault of the printer. This printer has a direct driver extruder, which IMO, is superior to all the newer Bowden styles. Driver drive just works. Yes, it can't print quite as fast, but 2.5 vs 3hrs for a print is pretty negligible in the grand scheme of things.

You will see a lot of upgrades for this printer, but most are not needed, so don't start messing with the printer unless you find a manufacturing flaw, which there are few to none. Don't buy into the upgrade hype you will read about. I recently upgraded to an all metal hot end to print other materials. The upgrade took 15 minutes. I also added a mosfet board for potential safety, which i would consider a more advanced upgrade, but not hard if you watch videos. I replaced the y-carriage, but my stock worked fine. A needless upgrade for me, but some people have a warped y-carriage. The z braces are not needed. Upgraded fan cooling is definitely not needed. The y-carriage bearings are loud, but work fine and better than the all plastic ones you will find on Amazon. The included print surface is great for PLA, but glass is needed for other materials. The change I made was to remove one y-carriage bearing on the right side and mount the remaining one in the middle of the right side. Leveling the bed is easier and zero ghosting on the y-axis now.  The firmware is old and doesn't have thermal runaway protection, so I would caution against printing while away from the house. For any 3D printer, I would have a smoke detector nearby. Printing in the garage would be best if possible for safety in case of a malfunction and so you don't breathe in filament particles. Lastly, don't use the included version of Cura. Download the version straight from Cura. I get better prints with Slic3r, but Cura is easier and better in some cases. Enjoy!

Small platermtctrl square By RMTCTRL on Feb 15 2019
Great Printer for the price!

I have upgraded a handful of things over the last two years and it has just gotten better and easier to print!  I have found this Printer nice and reliable, I can count on it to work and print my up some decent prints!  

Avatar small By PCDOC1 on Apr 06 2019
You get what you pay for.

Printer wouldn't power up out of the box, had to open the control box and reconnect power cables. Tech support from Monoprice is e-mail only. Wrong slicing software sent with the printer. Printer difficult to level bed. Spend a little more for a quality printer

Avatar small By virtualdoc2 on Apr 28 2019
This is a Monoprice Superstar

the instructions lack a little making total understanding at an advanced level. It is essential that X carriage is checked for level frequently. 

Clogs are often difficult to clear, all in all though I would give this printer using Simplify 3D, very high marks

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