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Avatar small By matsinet on Jan 06 2017
Good printer for the price

Easy to assemble and plenty of upgrades available by the community. I recommend the Z axis mod.

Small 15203127 10153855509301862 8515788899850542876 n By TunaSpleen on Dec 15 2016
A good intermediate-level model

This is definitely a big upgrade over the daVinci Jr. 1.0 from XYZPrinting I got at Barnes and Noble a year ago. The 8x8x7" print tray can accommodate almost any cosplay part I need, the printer can use at least half a dozen types of materials I've never even heard of, and the Cura software allows me to tweak even niche settings such as support density. There are tons of freely-available printed upgrades available for this model and similar units, and a huge support network of people running this printer. Best of all, the print tray doesn't require painters' tape or glue stick for decent bed adhesion and the high quality print resolution leaves me with a super smooth finish that requires very little post-processing to look great.

Small 14721453 10154761037064445 1663111253065632655 n By kentner on Dec 15 2016
Review update: I've had time to play, and I've updated

i was able to get this printer for around 275, so I opted for it vs the xyz printers i had been looking at.

First impression; it shipped fast, received within 2 days of ordering.  Packaging kept everything safe & sound...  assembly took 10 minutes, pieces fit together well and there are only 6 screws and a few cables to connect.

The build quality seems excellent, all metal and relatively rigid (will be making the z-axis braces).  Build plate had a sample print, factory quality control...  first order of business was to level the build plate and do a test print...  completed quickly with no issues...

Next, printed a small test print from pinshape...  used the SD card, no issues...

Things i like so far?  A good community with lots of well thought "hacks" to improve an impressive printer...  ability to use any filament (theoretically, as i've only used Pla thus far)...  build quality seems excellent, but only time will tell...  i will edit in a few weeks to see how i feel after playing a bit more with the printer... after constantly running, I haven't had any issue!  Recommennd highly!

Things i dislike?  None yet!

Thanks for reading! 

Small myface By Soovy on Dec 26 2016

this printer is amazing. I have printed many items on it and they have mostly come out correct. The program cura is best to use with this. I got this for 275 and it shipped really quickly. It was easy to assemble. Really easy to use.

Small qrome sb34 By Qrome on Jan 09 2017
Big bang for the buck!

I had been looking at printers for quite a while, I have now had this printer for about a year and feel like I have gotten my moneys worth already.   Things to note:

1.  Use OctoPrint with Raspberry Pi -- simply the only way to go with this printer and I love it.

2.  I used some thermal tape and placed a glass bed over the bed.  The normal aluminum bed on some of these printers is not TRUE flat.  The glass is and is easy to work on.  I use glue stick on the surface of the glass.

Once setup I find I very very rarely have to calibrate level.  I just load my printer clear the bed and go.

Changing the filament took a little practice but I have that down now as well.  I simply clip the plastic flush then follow it through with everything heated up to get the new color in.

Small img 0233 By TonySSG on Jan 29 2017
Easy to set up and get started

I found the printer easy to set up. Make sure you attached ALL of the wire connectors before turning it on. I missed one and had to do some manual adjusting. I am a first time 3D printer and found this set up to be simple, efficient, and fun.

Avatar small By daxburnett on Mar 27 2017
Easy for a first time 3d printer

I found the printer easy to set up.  Getting started was very easy I had two failed prints "My fault not the printer" got the bed leveled and have not had a failed print or have not had to relevel the bed since i set it up great first time printer....

Small 297737 2190160760278 2087873751 n By whittemd on Apr 03 2017
This is a good printer for the tinkerer.

I really like my Maker Select for its mechanical fabrication.  However the controller board leaves a bit to be desired.  My board like many others melted down the connector connecting the Hot Bed to the main board. the fix is easy enough by adding an external Mosfet into the circuit.  This fix is well covered on the internet and is fairly easy to perform.  One problem that I have not seen anywhere has to do with the display board.  After fixing the problem with the main board I reattached my display board to the enclosure an found that if you happen to scratch the surface of the board you will expose the 5 volt supply plain to the screws which will in turn connect the 5V to ground.  This fried my main board which I then had to replace.  A simple nylon or fiber washer would have prevented this whole problem, better yet don't make a board where the mounting holes go thru the supply plane.  Other then this I love my printer and would recommend it to those who have the skills to prevent these events for themselves.

Avatar small By itchymax on Apr 10 2017
Best bang for the buck...IF... don't mind some fixin' and fiddlin'.  If there was no support community online and you were new to 3D printing, I probably wouldn't recommend this printer.  But since there IS a GREAT support community online (for the Wanhao Duplicator i3, which is what this machine pretty much is) all of the minor quirks which would otherwise be major, are usually quickly and relatively easily remedied. You should probably like to tinker, but if you are getting into 3D printing, you probably do.  This machine is capable of fantastic prints straight out of the box, but with a few simple mods and the inevitable repair or tweak, you will get prints rivaling that of machines easily costing 2-3x this one...and since this printer is basically open source, repairs, mods, and upgrades are usually inexpensive and easy.

Avatar small By SkysCars on May 14 2017
Addicted to my 3D printer

My name is Sky Rota, I'm 13 & a blogger & vlogger on & generation Z Expert on I received this printer & had a tech friend of my parents put together & give me a lesson & I haven't stopped printing since I got it 6 days ago! It is my family's favorite device ever! My siblings came home from college and are asking me to print non stop for them & their friends. My mother is completely fascinated with it! This 3D printer is our new favorite thing! My new blog is about my new printer! Best gift Ever!

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