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140 x 140 x 140
Layer Resolution
100-500 microns
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Maximum Temperature
240° C
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Avatar small By noordwesth on Aug 07 2019
Does the job I need it to do

Bought this printer to be able to make custom stamps for leatherworking. Works very well for that purpose. Had some troubles at first before I knew what infill was, but that got sorted quickly haha. 

It doesn't consume much filament, as stamps doesn't get that big. The filament that came with the printer has lasted a long time for me. Easy to work with, very intuitive machine. Also great on display support for setting it up for first use. Took 20 minutes for me.

Recommended machine!

Avatar small By matt_the_maker on Aug 23 2019
The FlashForge Finder; A Great 3D Printer

As a newcomer to the 3D modeling and printing scene, this printer is perfect for beginners like me. An attractive exterior, with great print quality for arguably a pretty cheap printer. Granted, it does have some limitations, such as only being able to use pla and the rather small printing space, but overall it is a great printer for beginners and pros alike.

Avatar small By João Baptista Neto on Sep 08 2019
does not works

Flasforge Finder 3D Printer: Softwares does not work. Impossible to find updated firmware. FlashPrint Software does not work.  Near to a lot of machines with wi-fi working properly... Flashfinder´s wi-fi... guess...does not work. Instalation Manual provides wrong or confusing guidance. Anyway, it does not work.

Small 30713342 369339763548944 4674432230741770240 o By MitchB1990 on Sep 12 2019

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to print, slightly worse quality than an Ender 3 but seems sturdier overall.

Avatar small By Varshaa Chhajed on Oct 01 2019
User friendly for educational use

Easy to use and print. But needs to polish the printed object very carefully.  PLA as material is weak and weakens when comes in contact with air.  we can not resume print if power supply fails during printing.

Avatar small By majohn on Nov 17 2019
Great Intro Model

Easy to set up and use. Great beginners model to get started.

Avatar small By StormShadow 7899 on Nov 22 2019
Filiment does not stick to the platform for a lot of prints are it takes a lot of tries to get it to work

filament does not stick to platform like at all

Avatar small By Stephen Carlisle on Dec 03 2019
Forge Finder 2 3D Printer

This printer is an easy choice for a beginner or inexperienced 3d printer. My experience so far has been easy and has brought me hours/days of joy printing everything from phone holders to toys to nick nacks and D-n-D Dice Towers. The options are as endless as your imagination. 

Avatar small By icedog55puck on Dec 08 2019
it is cheep

if you need a printer  get this. if you want one save your money for a better one 

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