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Avatar small By prelude9125 on Aug 18 2018
Im having trouble and i cant get any help.

i down loaded 3d stl files from pinshape and put them on the flash drive. The finder shows  the files but there empty. So i took the stl files out and they still dont show up. Im kinda disappointed at this point. 

Avatar small By Rajendra Verma on Aug 20 2018
Flashforge Finder: Value for Money

This is a fantastic easy to operate 3D printer which I would happily recommend. The packing is marvelous and so also the build quality. The instructions are clear and there are plenty of YouTube videos on this printer, so plenty of help is available. I got off to a quick start and printed a few objects straight away. It is quiet and aesthetically appealing. The 3D software is quite intuitive and easy to learn.  The print area is limited to 14cm X 14cms.

Avatar small By Daniel Blair on Aug 24 2018
Well impressed

an overall great starter printer 

Avatar small By William Burns1 on Aug 26 2018
My First Printer

When I got this, I thought it would be hard, but every thing went smooth. I have printed over 300 models and made a few and all  went great. I would pick a filament place you like and stay with them. I use Hatchbox and 3D Solutect and all had been great.

Avatar small By Svarog on Aug 30 2018
Awesome printer for starters

was my first printer but i´wont change for any other, after 15 minutes that arrives the package a was already printing. i´ve used a lot of pla´s like wood pla, glow  in the dark pla, gold pla and works awesome, very easy to calibrate, very to load/unload filament even really easy to open it for clean and service. the bed i considered a little small (14cm x 14cm x 14cm) but i have no more complains about it. one tip when you print fitable pieces tolerance its around 0.3 mm 

Avatar small By Kyle Turpin on Sep 10 2018
Received as a Gift

I'm currently running a Raspberry Pi as my primary computer so I haven't been able to run the provided software.

I have been able to print from the Happy3D phone app and through PolarCloud with excellent results.

The only complaint I have is the subpar filament included as the pack-in. My advice would be to print a spool hook immediately and unless it's an emergency don't use it again because if you're new to this you can't even tell what is your fault and what is the filament.

I've printed a couple of places brands of PLA and the default settings are good for almost anything but the filament that came with the printer which needs to print cooler. I'm experimenting with flexible TPU filament now and and I'm likely to try some wood in the relatively near future. 

My prints have all been clean and pretty successful as I've tackled the seasoning curve. This is my first printer and first experience with using any 3d printer so once I ditched the pack-in filament and could start really tuning my results it's been nothing but great for practical purposes (hard drive bracket for my PC) or fun (dinosaurs for my kids).

Avatar small By wraith73 on Oct 26 2018
Has it’s issues, but a great starter

Bought this printer with my tax return money, mainly spur of the moment, and the sale discount of $400. Still just seeing what it can do, so mainly downloading things to print (and keep the kids happy). Haven’t got into the whole designing side yet. The printer is good for the price, however, after a few weeks, it started playing up. First, it stopped halfway through a print, burying the hot nozzle into the job. Then started crashing. Eventually it got difficult to start up, until it just wouldn’t at all. Flashforge service was useless, as, after I described what happened, they asked my to send email again, but with smaller words(!). Then tried to tell me it’s a power supply issue and to try another one. Like I had another 24v one lying around. Ended up taking it back to the store I got it from, and they replaced it after determining it WASN’T the power supply. Apart from those issues, it’s excellent for an entry level printer, and filaments are easily available (and fairly cheap) on eBay. It is kinda small as far as print size goes, but I bought it for a bit of fun, rather than for professional use. When my next tax return comes in, I might invest in a bigger one, but for now, I’m happy with this one. And I can print gifts for my kids cos I’m too cheap to buy them stuff ;-)

Avatar small By m.masayuki on Nov 23 2018
Easy to use even for beginners !

Although it was purchase of the first 3D printer, since the correspondence of the customer center is appropriate, it was able to be used well from the beginning. Many cases were also uploaded to You tube and this was also a strong ally. The printer is very easy to handle and cost performance is amazing. Since only the exclusive filament is expensive, I purchased an external item by printing an external adapter. Comprehensively I like it very much.

Avatar small By Mikael Kristensson on Dec 01 2018
A nice experience!

I just have had it some few months so I can´t answer with full knowledge yet but it´s a very fine machine. It can be difficult to build things if the material contact with the plate is too less, so high objekts with a very small contact at the bottom can fail, but most of the stuff will be in a very good quality. This printer is very good for the prize you pay! 

Avatar small By Roy Muller on Dec 04 2018

Brilliant little printer, have checked out a few others over time, they did not work very well (if at all), this has been easy to set up and a joy to use.

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