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Improve Printer Specifications
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140 x 140 x 140
Layer Resolution
100-500 microns
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Maximum Temperature
240° C
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Avatar small By iGuide iFrank on Dec 31 2017
Lack of success rate, but perfect software

Its wonderful, the software is easy to manage and to go through the first steps, but you have a 50% of chances to build something without any problems. Once you calibrate, which is not easy, you have more probabilities. Apart from that, the only problem you have is that in the guide, they dont tell, how to build things of your “own”.

Avatar small By Wolferein Foxdale on Jan 01 2018
Easy to setup and use

The Finder is a really great printer for someone with no prior printing experience as getting the Finder up and running is really easy and effortless. After getting it the whole process of setting it up only took no more than 10-20 minutes and i was already making things on my own with no previous experience. Calibrating the build plate happens from easy to use software build into the finder making it really effortless.

Print quality is hard to review, as it mainly depends on the settings used and you can get a really fine detail if you just go slow enough. Getting prints to stick onto the actual build plate itself has been quite a journey, but after using rafts on almost every build there has been almost zero issues. Overall build quality has been rather great and i haven't had any complaints.

The finder comes with its own compartment for a filament spool that not many other printers have, but sadly it only fits 750g? spools. with a basic 1kg spools you have to try and make your own stand to feed the filament from which is rather sad as they could had made the enclosure an inch wider to fit larger spools, but its still nice feature.

Noise level is decent. Getting into 3D printing i was worried that its going to be just really loud and keep everyone awake at nights, but with the Finder i have been able to run it day and night with no problem (The noise is similar to a desktop computer with a noisy fan)

With the price tag i paid for this (399€) and a 2 year warranty, i could not be more pleased with the results.

Avatar small By Hayden Marks1 on Jan 04 2018
Great First Time Printer!

Works great for a first 3D printer!  Really enjoy it!  Took barely any time at all to set up and very compatible. Love it!  Have had it for 2 weeks and already used up a spindle of filament.  Had so much fun thus far.

Avatar small By x4merxb on Jan 04 2018
Love my 3d printer! Flashforge Finder

i bought a cheap diy reprap kits.  Never had good luck with it.  Sub par printing etc.  

I bought this Flashforge Finder and my very first print out of the box was 1000x better than my old printer ever printed!  It gave me a difficult time levelling at first.  But once i got it leveled it has been awesome.  Still learning and working out little stuff.  Hands down, i would highly recommend  this printer to everyone.  A+++  and easy to use.  Software is easy to use as well!

Avatar small By evensharney on Jan 18 2018
Built like a tank, works a treat, software allows lots of tinkering and experimentation with settings

I have built all sorts of stuff, from useful gadgets for the house to superb quality scale models. my creative urges have been well and truly satisfied!

Avatar small By nakedcupcake11 on Jan 20 2018
FlashForge 3d Printer

Small but reliable

Small wabbysland By Wabby's Land on Jan 29 2018
Easy to use and good results

Add some blue tapes for better prints

Avatar small By Hou on Jan 31 2018
New to 3D printing

I just started with 3D printing and the FlashForge Finder is super easy to use.  I found a Benchy file , downloaded it, dragged the file into the FlashForge program, sized and located the Benchy (easy enough for  a child), hit Build, loaded file to thumb drive , leveled the Finder (just to make sure 1minute), hit build and wait 11 minutes for the print.  Boom Bench test done.  Super easy and lots of online files to build with.

Avatar small By Andrea Jones on Feb 16 2018
Fantastic for newbies/hobbyists

Easy to use, consistently good builds. Extra-hold hair spray on the bed keeps my builds in place. I'm excited to get more experienced with 3D printing and see what this baby can do.

Avatar small By tenebrosa on Feb 20 2018
my first and only. easy to use

like it. 

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