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Improve Printer Specifications
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140 x 140 x 140
Layer Resolution
100-500 microns
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Maximum Temperature
240° C
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Avatar small By adityavikram2016 on Jan 06 2019
Excellent 3D Printer for the general household hobbyist and consumer

This 3D printer is well designed, low maintenance and yet has superior build quality with it's affordable price. An excellent 3D printer indeed !

Avatar small By Aldo Schettino on Jan 11 2019
è di facile e sicuro uso

la raccomanderei non solo ai principianti

Avatar small By steve26 on Jan 19 2019
This 3D printer works great right out of the box. Very pleased with first time results.

Being new to 3D printing and needing to dive right in, this printer enabled me to get my project done with minimal expense and short learning curve.  Customer was very pleased with quick turn around of his project.  Since that delivery, I have been able to take the time to start learning the ins and outs of 3D printing and have been relieved to find that my success rate is very much to do with the ability of this printer.  Looking forward to more challenging prints to come.

Avatar small By Malcolm Ogle on Feb 03 2019

Impressive, as a newbie - no problem so far. Excellent.

Avatar small By r.jblue3 on Feb 14 2019
Easy to understand

I’m a beginner with printing but everything I needed to know was on here and it made things so much easier. 

Avatar small By David Rinkle on Mar 01 2019
Simple to use

Very easy to work with, a great starter printer for $300.00.

Avatar small By Floffah on Mar 22 2019
A good printer for hobbyists and non-industrial need cases

I love this printer. About 3 our of the hundreds of the things i have printed so far have failed (do to carelessness and my forgetting to buy masking tape and put glue on the build plate). With its intuitive UI (with alright english), ease of use, touchscreen display, and heat speeds, it is a great first printer and could last you years (or how ever long it takes you to break it which i havent and i have had it for almost a year without needing to replace parts apart from printing a spool holder). Overall a great printer, recommended for beginners, hobbyists, non-industrial businesses (if you don't get many orders). Oh and i have never needed to use anything other than the default standard preset on the FlashPrint software. Also it is great because it has a touchscreen, connects to the internet, hosts a server (to send files to print over the airwaves), integrates with Polar3D, heats up fast, and easy leveling.

Avatar small By kidlightning76 on Mar 29 2019

it’s a great starter printer and great experienced user printer too.  I absolutely love mine.  It only has 2 things about it that I wish were better. 

1. Is the filament holder doesn’t hold standard size filament spools.  But is easily fixed with a spool rack or holder. 

2. Is the print size.  I obviously understand that it was designed this way and there’s a lot that you can do with it but it is limited in size . If they were to make a larger version of this printer that wasn’t crazy expensive I’d buy two of them. 😂 

Avatar small By Batman22 on May 11 2019
easy machine to setup and use

I'm very new to 3D printing. this printer has been super easy to use and my first 4 prints work first time.

I don't have any experience with other printers, so I can't compare, but I do know that anyone could use this printer

Avatar small By 3ddesign974 on May 23 2019
Flashforge Finder easy to use

It is been almost a year an a half that I have 2 Flashforge Finder printers. They are very easy to use. The touchscreen is just amazing.  About the Slicer Flashprint, same thing, easy to use and the quality of every print is incredibely extrodinary perfect. I recommend this printer to everyody who doesn't have any experience on 3D printing stuff.

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