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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
140 x 140 x 140
Layer Resolution
100-500 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
240° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By Klas Almqvist on Jun 20 2020
Very good beginner machine.

Easy to use out of box.

Avatar small By ajb965 on Jun 24 2020
Excellent starter machine

Very easy to use and minimal early failures. Printed a number of different items and impressed with the output quality. Really good printer to use when starting out. No longer available, replaced by the Lite version, which is slightly cheaper and identical except does not have WiFi. To me this would not be an issue as I do not use the WiFI now, I like to connect via USB!

Avatar small By ChiseledDiamond GTB on Jul 20 2020
A Great first printer

I have heard over and over "This is the best printer for beginners" and this is true, as my first printer ive ever had, it does its job well, Had a bit of issues setting up the USB connection, but i quickly sorted it out! Works like a charm! 

Small profilbilde uten ramme By Ruudscorner on Aug 14 2020
Works out of the box

This printer just works.

It does, however, have some mayor issues with oozing before a print starts, but pre-heating it until the oozing stops is a very easy fix for this printer. But the printer is just too good for this to have an issue for me. But for some this can be a showstopper.

Avatar small By Pikachu Pichu on Aug 27 2020
Flashforge Finder

I started with this printer and was amazed how easy it was to set up.  My son who was 9 at the time helped me set up the printer with no problems.  I have rarely had any issues and they were simple fixes on unclogging the nozzle.  It has been reliable and amazing.  

Avatar small By Marty McAulay on Sep 21 2020

Out of the box it was awesome  very east to set up and operate 

would recommend as an affordable  1st time printer 

Avatar small By Connor O'malley on Oct 09 2020
Not bad

The printer is relatively cheap, but dependable and easy to use

Avatar small By Bray Crusher on Dec 27 2020
easy to use

easy to setup and start printing would reccomend this

Avatar small By Mark Poggi on Dec 28 2020
Flash Forge Finder

bought this for my son. So easy to use and these free builds work great and are easy to modify and slice. Highly recommend this as an easy to use entry-level printer

Small thetaplus 20200516203707444 01 By tobimat on Jan 23 2021
perfect start

We recommend. Perfect start into the world of 3d printing.

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