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100-500 microns
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240° C
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Avatar small By steven.houghton65 on Jan 10 2020
Good to learn about 3D printing

The build area is only 140 x 140 x 140, which is pretty small and the printer doesn't have a heated bed, so you can only print PLA filament.  This is a good printer to learn about 3D printing, as there is no setup and it easy to use, but it won't take me very long before I'll be looking to upgrade to large print area and a heated bed.

Avatar small By caryn on Jan 18 2020
Excellent hobby printer

I found this for $399 on Amazon.ca, and have been thrilled with it. There have only been issues with connection by cable, but i have been told these issues are rare when using a USB stick. Cheap filament has started to bug up the heated nozzle causing the filament to stop printing after a couple months of having the filament. I haven't started using this to it's full potential, just printing things from Thingiverse.

Avatar small By klebocna101 on Jan 25 2020
Very nice beginner lvl printer.

Printer is very easy to use but you will have to make external spool holder because standard size spools do not fit in spool container. Other than this, printer is awesome and I recommend it as an entry level printer.

Avatar small By psykofil on Jan 27 2020
Works for me.

This is my first printer so I haven't anything to compare it to. It's easy to use and seeing as how even I got it up and running myself, most people should have no problem with that. The store claimed build volume was 150 mm cube, box claimed 140 mm, while in reality 130 mm works and 135 mm is too big. Making small stuff is fine and I'm happy with the purchase, the reason I got one was to make board game stuff and that works fine.

Small profpic By Christian Andersen on Feb 01 2020
Great Value

I picked up a finder for 300 USD. As my first printer this thing is great! Super easy to set up and use their provided flash print slicer. I'm pretty sure a 5 year old could operate this thing. Super happy with it!

Avatar small By sgerevini on Feb 03 2020
Easy to use, affordable and set and forget 3d printer.

Very easy to use, the bundled software is good, but don't have many advanced options. The printer is ready to use, but I recommend at least 2 upgrades: Full metal hotend with chrome-plated nozzle and CNC machined lever from Microswiss.  With first, I see a very good upgrade on the quality and finish of PLA and PETG, and the second is to avoid the problem with the plastic lever, who tends to bend after some time due to temperature.  

I actually am trying a hotbed on this printer, but all my prints before are using the stock bed, which is not heated. With PLA there is near to nothing warping ( need a good layer of glue ), and zero warpings with PETG, which is my favorite material with this printer now.

I don't know why, but after the last firmware upgrade my printer is able to reach a lot of high temperatures, and I successfully tested it up to 250 Celsius degrees. The temperature settings allow me to go up to 300 degrees, but I am afraid to go full up.

I really liked this printer, and only complains about the printed area which is limited to 140x140x140 mm. But for a beginner, it's a no brainer. 

Another thing is the original spool holder, which is smaller than normal spools and only accepts up to 500g spools of Flashforge made filaments. But it is really easy-to-solve-problem: here on Pinshape you can find a lot of 3d printed spool holders for Finder, and choose which is better for you.

Avatar small By laszlo.kiss14 on Feb 10 2020
just plug and print :)

easy to use.just plug and print whatever you want. :) 

Avatar small By Jason Clemons on Feb 28 2020
Great for beginners

This is my first printer and I have really enjoyed it. Out of about 50 prints i have done, i have only had about 2 major issues with prints. The software used is very user friendly, as well is loading and unloading filament. My only issue with this printer is that i had to print a filament holder to accommodate any filament i bought. Only the roll of filament that comes with the printer will fit on the printer, other rolls are too large to fit inside the filament holding tray. 

Avatar small By Angel Quispe on Mar 03 2020
Economico, fácil de usar para principiantes

La tengo apenas desde hace una semana, la verdad me ha encantado la compra aunque pagué casi 300 dólares americanos me siento satisfecho.


Rápida de usar, lo desempaque y 30 minutos ya estaba imprimiendo una prueba.

Existe una gran cantidad de archivos con extensión STL compatible con la impresora.

La calidad es relativamente buena, se puede mejorar posterior a la impresión con pintura normal, epóxico o poliuretano.

No consume mucha energía, 65 watts.


No viene el disco de instalación con el software, tienes que descargarlo de la página web del fabricante.

El tiempo de impresión, puede ser desde 30 minutos (objetos simples y pequeños) hasta más de 8 horas si es complejo y grande (por encima de 8 cms).

Un consejo, imprimir siempre con una base pues es más fácil de extraer la figura. Cuando imprimí una figura sin la base me fue difícil extraer la figura y dañe un poquito la superficie de la plataforma.

La recomiendo.

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