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140 x 140 x 140
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100-500 microns
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240° C
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Avatar small By Hou on Jan 31 2018
New to 3D printing

I just started with 3D printing and the FlashForge Finder is super easy to use.  I found a Benchy file , downloaded it, dragged the file into the FlashForge program, sized and located the Benchy (easy enough for  a child), hit Build, loaded file to thumb drive , leveled the Finder (just to make sure 1minute), hit build and wait 11 minutes for the print.  Boom Bench test done.  Super easy and lots of online files to build with.

Avatar small By Andrea Jones on Feb 16 2018
Fantastic for newbies/hobbyists

Easy to use, consistently good builds. Extra-hold hair spray on the bed keeps my builds in place. I'm excited to get more experienced with 3D printing and see what this baby can do.

Avatar small By tenebrosa on Feb 20 2018
my first and only. easy to use

like it. 

Avatar small By Tony Kempe on Feb 27 2018
Great printer for a first time user!

Its easy to use and cheap to print! The quality is good but not perfect but the prize is right! Have used it for about 2 weeks so i can´t say anything bad yet! Maybe later. 

Avatar small By shaun.toffel on Mar 04 2018
Initial thoughts on Flashforge Finder

The Finder was my first 3D printer. At first I was surprised that the setup videos were in Chinese but they did the job and I soon had the machine up and running. The print quality has been good provided the items manage to stick to the print bed. Overall the printer is very easy to use and is a good choice for beginners. The Finder only supports printing with PLA. The FlashPrint software provided with the printer is OK. I also tried using Simplify3D with the printer only to discover that the current version is not compatible with the Finder - despite what is stated on the compatibility list.

Avatar small By microcyb on Mar 12 2018
The Flashforge Finder is the perfect fit for first time users and the experienced alike

Purchase the Flashforge Finder and was up and running in 30 minutes.

The out of the box setup is easy for understand and the calibration features make using a 3D printer a breeze.

In three days time have printed from simple, complex, to mass print jobs with no issues.

Switching filiments is an easy process with on screen interface and guides.

WiFi feature and the flashprint software allows for a quick load and print straight from you computer with no extra network cables, allowing you place this printer anywhere.

Overall, this is a very well thought out device and easy on screen interface making 3D printing an exciting and fun filled event.

Avatar small By Randy Cowling on Mar 15 2018
Great Start!

I'm new to this, but the Flashforge Finder was easy to set up and start printing. The software wouldn't run on one of my computers, but ran on a different one easily. 

I like the ease of use and can't wait to start designing my own projects.

Avatar small By Will3610 on May 04 2018
Print quality Great

Printer is great i love it ...but flash print software  don`t like it is not easy to use

i use auto 123.d software to run it but i do recommend the falshforge finder to any one

that is great to use 3d print design

Avatar small By Unknown Person on May 11 2018
A good printer for beginners

This printer was my first, and I think it is really good for people who want to see if 3d printing is something that they want to get into. 

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