Lulzbot TAZ 6

by LulzBot
93% Recommended


The LulzBot TAZ 6 comes with a self-leveling and self-cleaning system and a modular tool head design for flexible and multi-material upgrades.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
280 x 280 x 250
Layer Resolution
50-500 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible, (Polyester (or Copolyester), HIPS, PETG, PVA, Metallic and Wooden blends)
Maximum Temperature
300° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By Amy Polanowski on May 30 2017
LulzBot 6 Taz

This printer was very easy to set up and print with. Would recommend this printer for anyone new to 3D printing.

Small 12115448 10204824117674065 4140307380126738379 n By gorgesjonathan on May 30 2017
My GoTo Printer

This printer rocks ABS with the PEI sheet. It works almost every time. The quality of the print is does not match my Ultimaker, but it prints quick and well. I'm a big fan! 

Avatar small By Tommy Seal on Aug 12 2017
I absolutely love this printer!

This is my first 3D printer, I've been looking into them for a couple of years. I absolutely love this printer! It is awesome. It is very easy to user and the print quality is very good. I can finally make my ideas a reality! 

Avatar small By Hubschrauber on Sep 29 2017
Can't Say It's Worth the High Price

Was really excited when I got this printer earlier this year.  Have had a few issues with it and Aleph Objects have been very terse in their responses to my support requests, and very reluctant to provide a remedy for things that were clearly their responsibility under warranty.  Take a look at the company's employee reviews on Glassdoor and you might get some insight into why their customer service level is declining.  Whatever the performance and quality of the printer, I'm now wishing I had not supported this company by buying their stuff.  

The print quality and build quality are good, but for the price they charge for this thing, they should be between great and perfect.  If the printer were sold for about 1/2 what it goes for, I might have rated the value a bit higher.  Couldn't really recommend this as a good bang for your 3D-printing buck.

I would also recommend searching for 3mm filament options and compare the availability with that of 1.75mm filament offerings before choosing a Lulzbot printer.  If you like having lots of options, the Taz 6's use of 3mm filament may not be ideal.

Avatar small By iamstevefoster on Oct 29 2017
Taz 6, Great printer for the begineer and experienced

I've tried other cheaper printers, and even though they can print good quality, they don't compare to a professional built printer.  The Taz 6 comes almost completely together. Software is designed for the printer and you can be up and running within a few minutes. You do have to adjust the axis occasionally, but that is pretty much it. I have my printer plugged directly into my computer so i can control it with the Cura software, but you can use it as a standalone with the sim card. If you are looking for a 3D printer and can afford a LutzBot, then I would spend the extra money for a printer that will get you up and running in no time and has great scustomer support.

Avatar small By Asad Jabbar on Dec 02 2017
Decent Printer and Quality

3D Printer with great quality and a decent built.

Avatar small By [email protected] on Dec 15 2017
absolutely fabulous

Its really been a pleasure using my Taz6 printer. so far, no problems. print quality is great,I recommend it to anyone wanting to do 3D printing.

Avatar small By nirol_ewor on Feb 19 2018
Lulzbot TAZ 6 is a great 3d printer.

Using now for 3 months.  No problems, and great success.  Have been moving from using public STL files for building puzzles, whistles, game box fillers, figit spinner, and many more things for my boy scouts.  Very happy with setup, printing success, and lots of fun.  Would suggest also the Lulzbot Mini printer.

Avatar small By bgreenetoy on Mar 22 2018
Lulzbot TAZ 6

I like the TAZ 6.  The prints come out cleanly and consistently.  I am still experimenting with the support structure. I love the open source that allows me to change things although I haven't done a lot with changes yet.  It seems to be very adaptable for my needs.  There was an issue with the power supply when I first received it and the service department was great to work with.  They had me try several things, but when nothing worked, they had me ship it back at their expense and they took care of the problem.  And they also replaced the print bed when it got cracked in the shipping.  I had some problems printing ABS as far as layer adhesion and shrinkage, but that seems to be a common issue with these kinds of printers.  I tried different temperature settings with out much success.  On the other hand I have had no problems using PLA filament, except for one spool of brown that would not feed correctly.  It was a filament issue rather than a printer issue.    The self adjusting, heated bed is wonderful in getting prints started.  

Avatar small By Kendallqn on Mar 26 2018
Taz 6 With NEW Dual Head Version 3

I have had this printer for a little over a year and have been happy with it during that time.  Although Changing between two different dual Extruder heads and a single head depending on the job,  and recalibrating in between were not allway fun.  The new dual head version three has solved all that in one fell swoop.  It has printed everything I've thrown at it so far.  I've run ABS, PLA, PETG, Bronzefill, Copperfill, PVA, HIPS, Bridge, BluPrint, 645. And Polydissolve S1  and all of them have functioned well. There is no longer any need of changing any heads and all of them are now listed on Ebay.  I can now say that i feel good in recommending this printer to anyone.  If you are going to be printing a lot of ABS the only thing I would say is to get or build an enclosure.  These open frame printers dont hold enough heat to print ABS trouble free without one.  They now sell a tent one at lulzbot that works great.

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