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Small eaf exhibition skywatch spider zaq landsberg lg By Luke Cats on Jan 16 2018
QIDI Tech's X-one (2)

Right outta the box, worked flawless.  Print quality is good - in the middle of a filament change to Hatchbox.  I'm new, so this printer was perfect for me.

Small me20170622 By Simon Platten on Dec 09 2017
Quality product

I've had the printer less than a week, thanks to other more experience individuals I've managed to get started quite quickly and have printed several models including a few of my own.

Avatar small By Tony Giovino on Oct 20 2017
very nice printer.

I love this printer. uses x3g file not gcode. be careful of the bed temperature. I printed with PLA at 110C when learning the software. Print quality was great. I printed a youtube play button that I built on Inventor and it turned out great. A must have. 

Avatar small By Doug N on Aug 25 2017
Qidi - Best one yet

As with any 3D printer there is a learning curve but I found this one to be fairly short. Everyone knows that ABS can be a pain to print with but I am churning out decent prints, one after the other. Thanks to forums like these, there are a slew of helpful hints and tricks.

I've had to contact support twice with questions and they have been prompt AND thorough in their responses. They now have their own software for printing on QIDI 3D printers and it is great to use. Prints with both extruders and is great for printing supports if you need them.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this printer to anyone.

Avatar small By Steve Thompson on Aug 01 2017
Over all a good built 3d printer.

First day getting it I experienced an issue with the touch screen .Took 5 min to fix.

Took screen off from printer and check connection.

Every thing looked good and reattached it back to the printer. After that Its been working great.

Good printer

Small jetavane By rumi on Jul 28 2017
Robust and Mighty Printer with Superb Customer Service.

Shipped quickly from China and arrived earlier than expected. Packaging was sturdy and reinforced with edge protectors both around the printer and box inside the packaging box with adequate padding as well. I appreciate double layers of protection to minimize impact during shipping. The printer arrived perfectly. Unboxing I discovered the metal frame is heavy-duty and tough. Rods, heat bed, power supply, etc are of excellent quality. Top-notch components all around. The printer came assembled precisely and well calibrated. Everything was in place. Sifting through the contents I realized the SD card which contains additional set up instructions was missing so I contacted customer support at the email address provided in the product pamphlet. I was amazed to receive a response within 15 minutes with a download link for the manual. Also, customer service offered to reimburse me for a new SD card or to ship me a new one. I had an SD card laying around so I opted to receive the card later as I wanted to get started. I downloaded the manual and followed along the well written and clear instructions listed for each step. After leveling and preheating the build plate I was ready to test my first prints with the 1k of 1.75mm filament INCLUDED with the printer. Lots of perks here. (Toolbox with screw driver, screws, extra nozzle, ptfe tube, print removal tool, usb cable, 1k of filament and glue stick). All in all an excellent experience both in terms of printer quality and prompt customer service.

Small 20160629 124644 washington 106 By RV Ranger Rob on Jul 27 2017
Great budget Printer, Excellent Craftmanship/Quality - Driver Licensing Problem- Clone

Just like Makerbot and Flashforge dual extruder, excellent but only prints using online download QIDI slice software and only from SD chip , no drivers or IEEE USB connectivity. Great quality! Need to work with QIDI for driver update, legal battles since its a chinesse clone of Makerbot Replicator x2.

A budget printer that runs better than its 2000.00 counterparts

I have had this printer for a little over three weeks and despite a few initial bumps, this is the best printer I have ever used.  The printer itself has a strong outer alloy metal frame, the components inside are high-quality (The stepper motors and extruder are much nicer than what I have on my Makerbot Replicator).  The heated bed works great, and stays level (I've only had to adjust level once or twice).  The only downfall to this printer out of the box is the modified version of Cura that it ships with.  Initially, I was getting a jam after every two prints.  However, once I switched over to Simplify3d (which includes a profile for the x-one), I've had zero issues.  In fact, this printer has printed everything that I've thrown at it.  (You can see a Dinosaur Skull I made here: Printed Dinosaur Skull - Qidi x-one

I also want to mention how wonderful the Qidi support staff are.  On my first night of printing I had a jam that I couldn't resolve no matter what I tried.  I emailed Qidi's support team, and within 40 minutes or so, I received a video helping me clear the jam.  Considering the distance between China and the United States, I'm impressed at the care they take to support their customers.  I've never received that kind of support from Makerbot when I try to reach them.

Qidi seems to be a sleep company on Amazon, they are easily overlooked, but for the money (and maybe even a lot more money), this is a fantastic printer.

Small 17903694 10206821148566791 5462490676945919645 n By john karlo_blanco on Jun 05 2017
An easy to use 3d printer!

This thing prints stuff as soon as I got it assembled. Support is also fast and reliable.

Qidi Tech I Prints 17

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