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Avatar small By Philip Sundquist on May 31 2021
Qidi x-max

First time I’ve used a 3-D printer. This is very easy to use right out of the box machine.

Avatar small By Ken Woodrow on Apr 03 2021
Good solid machine

simply good machine easy to use well supported.

Small 3 By 3dhobbynino on Nov 04 2020

Macchina di grandi dimensioni, stampa tutto e bene

Avatar small By Nightfall0660 on Oct 29 2020
Quidi Tech X one review

I was able to get my X one for very cheap so for me it was a great price and pretty easy to get started. the print quality is average fr what I print and I will be looking into getting a resin printer for my miniatures.

Small new icon  By MrCattyWolf on Sep 19 2020
Really nice!

Had very little issues and resources were widely available for beginners. The quality of prints is very good too!

Avatar small By Living TheDream on Jul 12 2020
Best 1st 3d printer,( I believe)

Had a little issue in the beginning but the customer service was excellent! 

Printing nonstop now and having about a 98% success rate! Still can't connect to the onboard camera though.

Avatar small By Nikolas Papaioannou on May 06 2020
Value for money: bigginers and hobby

It worked right away using usb connection. Then usb stop working and works only through sdcard but its not so convenient. The Qidi support said that it shouldn't work through usb, but it was working fine and it was much easier to print. This model is the same as CTC and actually both are Makerbot clones.

Avatar small By Chance9090 on Dec 17 2019

Only just started using it and it's very easy to help new users get into! Mine uses one extruder and nozzle but im sure for more complex projects it'd perform just as highly!

Small img 20190312 210417107 hdr By Malbeex on Jan 25 2019
One of the best 3D printers in the Market

The Qidi Tech printers are amazing and I recommend it for beginners and middle level Makers and hobbysts. I also recommend one extruder and use one  nozzle, either left or right to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

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