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Small me20170622 By Simon Platten on Dec 09 2017
Quality product

I've had the printer less than a week, thanks to other more experience individuals I've managed to get started quite quickly and have printed several models including a few of my own.

Small eaf exhibition skywatch spider zaq landsberg lg By Luke Cats on Jan 16 2018
QIDI Tech's X-one (2)

Right outta the box, worked flawless.  Print quality is good - in the middle of a filament change to Hatchbox.  I'm new, so this printer was perfect for me.

Avatar small By chuck.santose on Feb 25 2018
First foray into 3D printing going well albeit slowly.

* Rank beginner here so "stars" are right in the middle as I have no reference point.

* The printer arrived within 2 or 3 days and was in operation within 2 or 3 hours following the simple instructions.  Past that point it's been all trial and ERROR -- my error.  Hands on learning.  Had this printer only 2 or 3 days.

* The PLA filament that comes with the printer is International Orange but OK for tests.  The white ABS is getting most of the use at present.  Only thing useful printed so far is a set of M1911  pistol grips.  We had a power failure during a long, overnight build of a utility box that has yet to be printed.  Patience is indeed a virtue as 3D printing takes hours -- no instant gratification here!  The printer is 30% into a print of a front grip for a rifle that fits on the lower rail system.  Third try.  Took the first two to realize the design will only print well in one orientation due to angles, etc.  

* Playing with fill.  Nice set of key hooks met disaster when merely dropped onto a hardwood floor.

* Located a local 3D print store so I'll be visiting this week for some better/different color filament and some expert advice.

* White ABS filament working better at 250°C and bed at 100°C.

* Designs here have been very helpful.

Avatar small By Larrs of Awesome the 69th on Apr 23 2018
A good overall printer with a few kinks

It doesn't have a set software for macs, but prints turn out nicely and I think it's a good quality for the price. Sadly, It's a bit loud and vibrates a lot, and makes wounded noises sometimes during prints.

Avatar small By Everything Else YT on Jul 03 2018
Great Printer

3D printing is a hobby I have and this printer makes it really easy to do that. I use this printer a lot and only every once in a while it will mess up. This is a great printer i would definitely recommend if you would like to make smaller items. It does not have the largest platform for printing on so you can only print kind of small items. Overall this is a great printer I would recommend to everybody.

Avatar small By jim3195 on Oct 21 2018
Cant load files

Tried loading files from the SD Card but to no avail   no instructions available

Had to slice the file to. x3g then it worked.  Thank You wirlybird

Small davidleithauserface By Leithauser on Jan 19 2019
Pretty good

Pretty good printer. Biggest problem is that one head sometimes catches on model as other head prints, causing model to move. Also second color sometimes drips on model during printing, causing smears of other plastic. I am experimenting with adjusting head temperatures to reduce this dripping. I may have it set to high. I generally use ReplicatorG to slice files to X3G, since the printer cannot accept STL files directly. There are many suggestions I could make for improvements, but still a good dual-head heated bed printer for the price.

Small img 20190312 210417107 hdr By Malbeex on Jan 25 2019
One of the best 3D printers in the Market

The Qidi Tech printers are amazing and I recommend it for beginners and middle level Makers and hobbysts. I also recommend one extruder and use one  nozzle, either left or right to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

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