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Avatar small By Peter Engelbertz on Dec 06 2016
My first printer ColiDo

I was amazed how quickly the entry with Colido and the software went. In a short time I had the first result, first with models from the Internet afterwards with own models. It was an advantage that I worked with CadCam. What I would like to say is, I am 67 years old and already 4 years pensioner. As a hobby, I run a tin foundry and visit 4-5 craft shops where I sell my parts, at the last markets I took the 3D printer and showed it. It was a great success, the people stood up to 15Meter snake. Peter Engelbertz

Avatar small By Palladius on Jan 10 2017
Great for someone new to 3D printing

I received this printer as a gift. The setup was quick and pretty straight forward. The calibration card they send is a litte too thick for getting a good first layer. Calibrate to the thickness of paper in all four corners. If you can't, realign the axes. If adhesion issues remain a quick wipe of the blue tape solves it. I had a good first success with simple prints but ran into problems with more complicated ones. I had to tighten the y-axis belt and the prints got beautiful. This is a fantastic printer so far and I'm very pleased. I plan on upgrading to a heated bed and probably adding an LCD. The control board is setup to receive both but the heated bed will up the power consumption. Requiring a new power supply.

Avatar small By oe8pck on Jul 24 2017
Complete Beginner.

I have been using this printer for one day and one night. It has been running constantly. I have not had one bad print. I am a complete beginner and am delighted that all works so well. Got to get some more filament :-)

It was very easy to assemble and calibrate, I use hairspray on thee blue tape and this ensures that the part sticks well to the table but it can be removed without damaging the tape.

All in all I think I made a perfect choice.

Avatar small By bmd1 on Aug 27 2017
Total beginner.

I wanted a printer but the one I wanted was a lot of money for me so when this printer came up at a really good price I thought well even if I don't get on too well at least I haven't lost a lot. I have to say I was not disappointed, the printer was easy to put together the instructions easy to understand and the software - Slic3r- easy to use. So far the only bad prints have been my error. There are mods that can be done to improve the quality and the best bit is you can print them yourself. I bought a heated bed kit, unfortunately no instructions with it but there are several tutorials on You Tube so not a problem.

Would I recommend it to my friends- most certainly based on my experience so far.

Avatar small By Kenbot on Dec 29 2017
googlefu mastery recommended

the software is supposed to come with slic3r settings bundled in for easy beginners. I never found them. So I used my Googlefu and read some of the gcode from the bundled models and created my own. Still some tweaking to do but it simply is a lot of fun. 

The fun models take a long time. But that is par for the course in this 3d printing world.  Don’t just take my word for it. Get one yourself and go crazy. 

Avatar small By minnes on Jan 25 2018
I love this printer!

This is a really inexpensive printer that is super easy to set up and produces great results! The only thing that I needed to tweak was the print settings because different prints require different speeds, temperatures, etc. The way you edit these settings seems pretty daunting at first, but if you spend some time with it it becomes easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this printer for anyone looking for an inexpensive printer with a large print area that is really easy to use. 

Avatar small By ethansymons5 on Feb 25 2018
printer is great

i like this printer

Avatar small By steven_orr1 on Mar 23 2018
seems pretty good!

this being my first 3D printer it seems to be going ok and working well enough for me to figure out whats going on. i would recommend this as a good cheap printer.  

Avatar small By dominika.rod on Jul 23 2018
Hobby printer, but it works great!

Still learning --- But I am glad I could start to 3D print on this DIY Printer. It works very good and it is also very cheap. Recommended.

Avatar small By Bibbleycheese on Dec 08 2018
Entry Level Printer

I’ve had my printer for over  a year now, and have been doing a lot of learning about 3D Printing first hand from using it. This is a kit, so assembly is required - but not difficult. Getting the bed to level was hard, taking a lot of trial and error. But it's learn by doing. The Repetier software is good, with the manual control you need for fine levelling and unclogging the print head, as well as making prints. But don’t bother with fine settings, as the printer won't produce great results. It won’t tune in to give the fine details for threads and gears. Or, at least, I’ve not been able to get that good with the settings yet. It says it can do ABS, but don’t bother trying as ABS delaminates unless you have a heated bed and a warm box around the printer. I had a bearing mount break in use, and the UK support team sent me a spare part for free. My bed quickly became warped, and I have upgraded to a heated bed with borosilicate glass plate by following a guide on YouTube. This has given me a much better levelling system - and it does need levelling often. The print results aren’t brilliant. But I love my Colido DIY and would recommend this as a good entry level printer if you want to experiment before investing in something better.

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