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The Flashforge creator pro is a highly capable, dual extrusin printer with a heated bed and full enclosure allowing it to print at very high qualities with a variety of materials. It is also available at a price point accessible to many hobbyists and consumers.

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
225 x 145 x 150
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By ProudMommyto3 on Mar 27 2018
Flashforge 3D Printer Creator Pro Review

I LOVE this printer! I have used much more expensive machines recently - including the Makerbot Replicator+ (which I find very close in quality & features to the Creator Pro) , and I feel that this printer is the best bang-for-your-buck printer on the market.  The print quality is excellent and there are rarely any issues.  It was easy to set up & get printing - even for a new user, it would be very simple to set up.

ITs a dual extruder which really helps - able to print nice cute multicolored items with my kiddos!  There is a great online community support which is very handy, and this machine is very durable.  Haven't had any major issues at all.

Avatar small By lowclearance on Mar 29 2018
Great starter 3D printer

This printer has some great features. My current setup is using  an AstroBox gateway with an RPi3B. Printer seems to produce decent to good quality. Have been using for about 3 weeks now and added a accessories from downloaded files (upgraded spool holders, camera support, etc.).  Overall, a good experience for a beginner maker. 

Avatar small By xfsmiles on May 05 2018
Good starter printer

I was lucky enough to pick this up at a local auction site for less than $300. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use. I honestly have no idea about the customer service or community, I haven't had a need for either yet. 

Avatar small By ECHO-TANGO-1 on May 22 2018
very good printer

very good printer

Avatar small By DebraD on Jul 23 2018
Good hobby printer

We have 6 different models of 3D printers in our MakerLab.  One is a UPrint commercial printer, the rest are home hobby printers.  Of all of them, the Creator Pros are my favorite.  Once I got them in shape they have been reliable, easy to work on, and predictable in their quality.  This is also the model I take to expos as it is solid enough to be moved without harm.  Our Creator Pros are a few years old and have a metal case that makes them very stable in transit.  Our other home/hobby printers are Velleman Vertex, Cube Pro, UP Mini, and a couple Taz 5s.  The Taz 5s are down for repair so I haven't used them yet.

Avatar small By melissa2 on Jul 24 2018
Flashforge Creator Pro Newbie

I feel a little silly leaving a review so early in the game.  I've had my Flashforge Creator Pro for a week now.  This is the first time that I've done any sort of 3D printing, but I Love it!  The set up was a breeze, it's a sturdy machine, and truly dummy proof.  We were off and printing the same night we received it.  You have access to a couple of free software programs that you install right from the ff website.

I would recommend that if your computer doesn't have an SD card slot, that you purchase a USB SD card reader.  I had previously ordered one off of Amazon for $10.00, you will need the SD card if you do not plan on hooking you printer directly up to a computer.  Mine is not, hence the SD card reader.

We're still tinkering around with fill settings and the like for different types of printables, but even with that, the entire experience has been completely enjoyable.  Highly recommend this printer!

Avatar small By iSmart on Sep 06 2018
Awesome Value

For about a $1000 CAD its the best printer hands down.

Small conin el gris By Aj Rodriguez on Dec 09 2018
muy buen equipo y precio

yo me encuentro en Mexico y la verdad es una excelente maquina es robusta y ligera a la ves facil de operar y con resultados que me satisfacen mucho a pesar de que tengo muy poco con ella si me atreveria recomendar este equipo para princpiantes es muy amigable

Small professional image fixed1 By JohnnyChan on Dec 14 2018
A workhorse no doubt

A great printer that requires little to no maintenance, runs reliably, only require occasional lubrication and change nozzle like every other printers. The print quality is superb overall from a machine released in 2014. Its 2018 and the printer still works brilliantly.

Avatar small By Jake Jones on May 05 2019
Great printer!

We haven't had any issues yet. We have only been printing for about a month but it is really easy to setup and use. It prefers printing from an SD card. I think most of them print more reliably that way.  We have a few failed prints but mostly due to settings/user error. One nozzle drips quite a bit and we have to clean it off right before it prints or it can cause some tangling. I think maybe there is something loose that allows it to flow when it reaches a certain temperature whether it is supposed to be printing or not. Once it starts it doesn't leak or have stringing issues.  It was pricey but worth it for dual print heads and a really simple digital interface. one touch reprint. The software that comes with it works but is quite basic. We have been using freecad which works but has some limitations. I loved using autodesk fusion 360 but my trial ran out. We paid for the simplify3d but it didn't work as well as the replicatorG that came with it. So I don't recommend paying for it. We like the noises it makes when it is starting and finishes to let us know that it is done. We also like the LED lighting that changes colors.  Great product. Hope it keeps working for a long time.

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