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The Flashforge creator pro is a highly capable, dual extrusin printer with a heated bed and full enclosure allowing it to print at very high qualities with a variety of materials. It is also available at a price point accessible to many hobbyists and consumers.

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225 x 145 x 150
Layer Resolution
100 microns
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230° C
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Small wa By Ravencos27 on Jul 29 2020
Mighty Fine Bit of Kit

I haven't had any experience with other printers, so can't really compare, but I am thoroughly satisfied with the Creater Pro.

The setup was was an enjoyable experience. A 3D printer especially just isn't the same unless you have to assemble it. Every engineer-at-heart kid's dream.

The software is dead easy to use. Simply load your SDL into the Flashprint program, hit print, and jobs a goodin'. Obviously you can/need to adjust all the printer settings as you desire,  but that's dead easy as well. Everything is clearly explained in Flashprint, and adjustments are very simple.

The hardware is great quality. I did have to remove some nuts from the printer plate because they made it very difficult to adjust, and the glass plate doesn't have any kind of grips to mount it to the machine (i'd of expected screw holes). But otherwise, no issues at all. The material is easy to load and unload. Adjusting the plate height is no problem (once i removed those screws), and channging the printer settings, even mid-print is super-easy.

I don't have an issue with the cost. £570 is a great price for this. Even though i can't compare it to other printers, I'd like to class it as an upper-end mid-range printer. The materials arn't outrageously overpriced so no issue there ,and each spool (1000m normally) can't get you quite a hefty amount of models. 

All in all, I'd very much recommend the Flashforge Creator Pro for beginners and veterans alike.

Avatar small By wim hoogers on Aug 06 2020
Flashforge creater pro

Vanaf het begin gaan de printjes geweldig goed.

Avatar small By neileast01 on Sep 30 2020
A perfect machine for advanced hobbyist.

I especially like the dual extruders which allow use of dissolvable filament (PVA) for supports. This is my 3rd 3D printer and the best so far. I had a XYZ SLA machine and a Sillhouette Alpha machine. Quality of prints is  not commercial level but plenty good enough for everything I do.

Avatar small By Clifton Manley on Oct 08 2020
Good machine

Reasonably quiet. Quality of life print is good, not great. I have replaced the nozzles with carbon steel. These are better than the standard.  I broke one of the extruder because of the lack of information on maintenance. I still haven't worked out how to fix it.

Avatar small By Ian Craig1 on Nov 08 2020
My Flashforge not listed

I bought a Flashforge  Guider 11 having had a bad experience with another make. This other make only lasted 3 months. Contacted the manufacturer in China who advised me that the problem was likely to be terminal. To be fair Amazon were excellent in the way they handled things, giving back the cost within a couple of days.

Back to the Guider unit, working hard, having produced some 50 items for my model railway.

I use Tinkercad and the slicing software supplied by Flashforge. For someone aged over 70  I have found it very easy to learn and programme.

Would I recommend this, yes I would.

Avatar small By Burgo on Dec 26 2020
FFCP - beginners luck?

I've wanted to experiment with 3d printing for a few years, but couldn't justify the start-up cost. I finally found a second hand FFCP with just a few hours on the clock - so I took a punt and bought it without knowing much about it. I usually research stuff like this, but this seemed like a pretty good deal. I found the FFCP (and the FlashPrint slicer software)  intuitive to use and I managed to get pretty decent prints right from the start.

I have zero experience with other printers so I'm unable to comment on the FFCP versus others, but I've been impressed with my results. I haven't bothered to print one of those tug boat models (which seems to be the standard model to test a printer).

I've rarely had to over-ride the default settings in FlashPrint - they seem to be spot on most of the time.

I've had very few failed prints (and they have mostly been user error such as wrong filament used or forgetting to ensure the print is on the platform). I've not experienced any of the issues I've read about others having with their printers of various brands:

Blocked extruders

- the filament load/unload utility of the FFCP works like a charm

- a blockage is easily cleared by preheating the extruder and pushing fresh filament through (I haven't had to remove an extruder yet).

Bed levelling

- it only takes a couple of minutes to get the bed level using a piece of paper as a feeler gauge

- I only check/tweak the level very occasionally (eg if I'm about to print something 'special').

Prints sticking to the bed 

- I use the blue stickers and they last a long time (when the centre starts to wear, I just move my print area to the corners

- I found a paint scraper filed to a sharp-ish edge get prints off easily

- Get the prints off as soon as they are finished or preheat the bed to the same temperature as printing before sliding the scraper under the edge

- Other seem to get good results with a glass bed. I'm considering trying one - only to get smoother results on the bottom face (sometimes the bottom face needs sanding to improve the finish off the blue sticker).

Warped prints

I have had minimal warping or lifting with either PLA or ABS. I printed one model which was long and thin. It bent a bit when I removed it, but that was because I pulled it off the bed as soon as it finished printing. I printed it again, let it cool completely, pre-heated the bed and removed it as soon as the bed came up to temperature (before the whole model softened) and it was perfect.


- Auto supports works pretty well.

- I sometimes delete a few supports if it looks like there are too many. I sometimes add supports manually too. For example, I might delete one that starts building from another point on the model and create a longer one off the platform for a cleaner finish.

- I've bought some dissolving PVA filament (the advantage of a dual extruder machine), but haven't tried it yet.

In short, I'm very happy with my printer. I have no intention of changing to another one at the moment. I guess that might change as new technologies emerge.

Avatar small By Tech Ringo on Jan 01 2021
Good printer once dialed in. Simplify 3D almost mandatory to make it great.

I've had this printer for a couple of years and, overall I'm very happy with it.  If you're looking for plug-and-play, this may not be the best choice, but once you have it dialed in it is very reliable.  

The software that comes with it is not great and my prints with it were not really what I had hoped for.  I purchased Simplify 3D it was like a whole new printer.  I'm probably seeing a 95+% success rate.  And when I do have a failure it's usually in the first 5 or 6 layers, so if I monitor it for the first 10 minutes I can almost always count on a successful print.

These days I'm using PETG almost exclusively.  I didn't have a single failure in my last 1 kilo spool of filament.  I've also had great success with PLA and ABS.

Small win 20201108 19 17 39 pro  2 By Grayson on Jan 02 2021
Flashforge Creator Pro

Super easy to set up, great prints, I do wish the print space was larger but this spits out some very quality prints for the price. 

Avatar small By michael roslawski on Mar 09 2021
Very good printer

Very good printer and parts are available from 3rd party suppliers, but if it's a warranty issue.......

it's gotta go back to China.  In that case, scrap it and get a new one.

Avatar small By Big Al the 1st on Jul 14 2021
Flashforge Creator Pro

Took a few weeks of experimenting, reading and watching YouTube videos to get all the settings right but it produces very good quality prints.   The direct drive print head works great for soft TPU filament as well.  

There are a few issues that could be better: 1. The spool holders on the back don’t accommodate some brands of filament but you can easily use the printer to make adjustable ones.  2. The tube holders above the spool are too close to the printer and the filament gets bound up between the spools and the printer cabinet. Again, you can easily print a replacement bracket that works flawlessly.  3. The cooling fan duct only blows on the left nozzle which makes the right nozzle useless for plastics that require cooling.   I’ve printed a replacement duct that fits on the rear of the print head, replaced the fan with one from Amazon and now it cools both nozzles.  

I love that there are tons of upgraded parts created by the Flashforge community.   I love this printer. 

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