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The Flashforge creator pro is a highly capable, dual extrusin printer with a heated bed and full enclosure allowing it to print at very high qualities with a variety of materials. It is also available at a price point accessible to many hobbyists and consumers.

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Print Bed Size (mm)
225 x 145 x 150
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
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Avatar small By luca zabeo on Mar 15 2020
Flashforge Creator Pro 2017

The Flashforge Creator Pro 2017, is not my first 3d printer (the first is huxley, and prusa i2 clone, and i3 clone), then i decided to buy a new priner my first questions is: buy another clone or different? Well, my choise was Creator Pro. In these two years i printed pla, abs, petg, with excellent results, the printing errors wew because i was wrong (temperatura, velocity, support)... The Creator Pro is my printer, the software (flashprint) for me is good, the printer is very reliable, and a few months ago i made one changes: the glass borosilicate; and reliability has become even greater in the printing of various materials. But it's necessary to make some clarifications: the printing area is not large, annoying noise, the best results are obtained with slow speed, the second nozzle it's useless, cooling material to change immediatly.  But if the rest of the specifications is for you: The Flashforge Creator 2017 is a wonderful press partner. (i have read many site praise this machine, and was born in 2017, how many printers have had such a long life???)

Avatar small By Cdn_Bacon128 on Mar 20 2020
Much more complicated to use than the Finder.

Cannot print directly to this printer, even though it has the cable to do so. Leveling the bed is really old school. The Finder is a much nicer printer to use...

Avatar small By steinmannro on May 02 2020
Super Dual Drucker flashforg creator Pro

.Ich gehört den flashforg Creator Pro breiter kaufen. ist ein Top Drucker auch top Ergenisse 

Avatar small By teresa1 on May 17 2020
Great for a beginner, like me, and probably better for someone with experience

I had problems at first, but did not know how to properly operate the printer.  Once I learned the ins and outs of printing, I have had great luck with this.  I still have a long ways to go creating 3D images, but the printer is great at doing its job.

Avatar small By Migwans on Jul 28 2020
Dependable and easy to use.

We have six in our MakerLab that I use to teach 3D printing workshops.  Once the leveling is set anyone can be up an running on one of these in just a few hours.  Be ready to occasionally replace the leveling screws, they strip out.  I replaced the blue painter's tape with Flashforge glass beds to cut costs, haven't regretted it.

There are a few minor quirks in the firmware, especially in the newer 3.  They will first say they can't read the SD card, but will on the second try.  The newer molded acrylic lids don't fit as well since we use 3D printed filament guides and spool holders off Thingiverse.  They are just a bit smaller than I would like.

There is an excellent community around these printers and I was able to work directly with the company in China to replace 3 motherboards that had problematic card slots (they were an older model).

I do recommend these to anyone looking to buy a printer but don't want to tinker with it.

Small wa By Ravencos27 on Jul 29 2020
Mighty Fine Bit of Kit

I haven't had any experience with other printers, so can't really compare, but I am thoroughly satisfied with the Creater Pro.

The setup was was an enjoyable experience. A 3D printer especially just isn't the same unless you have to assemble it. Every engineer-at-heart kid's dream.

The software is dead easy to use. Simply load your SDL into the Flashprint program, hit print, and jobs a goodin'. Obviously you can/need to adjust all the printer settings as you desire,  but that's dead easy as well. Everything is clearly explained in Flashprint, and adjustments are very simple.

The hardware is great quality. I did have to remove some nuts from the printer plate because they made it very difficult to adjust, and the glass plate doesn't have any kind of grips to mount it to the machine (i'd of expected screw holes). But otherwise, no issues at all. The material is easy to load and unload. Adjusting the plate height is no problem (once i removed those screws), and channging the printer settings, even mid-print is super-easy.

I don't have an issue with the cost. £570 is a great price for this. Even though i can't compare it to other printers, I'd like to class it as an upper-end mid-range printer. The materials arn't outrageously overpriced so no issue there ,and each spool (1000m normally) can't get you quite a hefty amount of models. 

All in all, I'd very much recommend the Flashforge Creator Pro for beginners and veterans alike.

Avatar small By wim hoogers on Aug 06 2020
Flashforge creater pro

Vanaf het begin gaan de printjes geweldig goed.

Avatar small By neileast01 on Sep 30 2020
A perfect machine for advanced hobbyist.

I especially like the dual extruders which allow use of dissolvable filament (PVA) for supports. This is my 3rd 3D printer and the best so far. I had a XYZ SLA machine and a Sillhouette Alpha machine. Quality of prints is  not commercial level but plenty good enough for everything I do.

Avatar small By Clifton Manley on Oct 08 2020
Good machine

Reasonably quiet. Quality of life print is good, not great. I have replaced the nozzles with carbon steel. These are better than the standard.  I broke one of the extruder because of the lack of information on maintenance. I still haven't worked out how to fix it.

Avatar small By Ian Craig1 on Nov 08 2020
My Flashforge not listed

I bought a Flashforge  Guider 11 having had a bad experience with another make. This other make only lasted 3 months. Contacted the manufacturer in China who advised me that the problem was likely to be terminal. To be fair Amazon were excellent in the way they handled things, giving back the cost within a couple of days.

Back to the Guider unit, working hard, having produced some 50 items for my model railway.

I use Tinkercad and the slicing software supplied by Flashforge. For someone aged over 70  I have found it very easy to learn and programme.

Would I recommend this, yes I would.

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