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Small image By Adafruit on Oct 16 2016
It's a workhorse with a decent build volume and print quality.

Sometimes referred as the Honda Civic of 3D printers, this machine just works and gets the job done. Paired with Simplify3D, the print quality can be pretty decent. The dual extruder isn't the best on the market, but it is a direct drive MK8 style extruder system, which can handle composite materials, TPU flexible filaments and more. It's heavy, clunky and loud, but it's has some nice built-in features like z-pause, filament change during prints and allows you to print via SD card (lets you choose files inside folders, thats nice). OctoPrint still doesn't have native support, but it does work well with AstroPrint for wireless 3D printing.  The heated bed is nice and doesn't require a lot of leveling – set it once and you should be good a multitude of prints. It ships with an acrylic hood and cover which helps keep the heat inside the printer, which is ideal for printing things like ABS. The price has recently been lowered and overall is a great value. 

Small crazy eye By dookie on Oct 19 2016
Easy to use printer with quality prints at a friendly price

The FFCP was my first 3D printer and it's still my most reliable for when I just want to hit "Print" and have near-certainty that it will complete successfully. 

You can certainly get equal or better quality prints from a DIY machine or a kit but if you want to get started in 3D printing with minimal hassle and frustration, it's a great printer.

Avatar small By Gabber on Oct 19 2016
Fantastic printing ability at a reasonable price!

So, I am the type that researches for months before making a larger purchase. After having my printer for a little while, I couldn't be happier with it! This is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a 3D printer of this level. I have only printed in ABS filament as of now, and the quality of the prints are remarkable for a $1100.00 machine ( I have access to a $50k+ printer at my office, so I'd like to think I have an idea of a quality print. That machine is amazing.) This was truly money well spent. I have yet to have print lift or warp on this heated bed. With the greatness, there are a few things to know. The stock slicer program is OK, but I got frustrated with some of the interface and my attempts to calibrate it to the machine. In my search for a solution, I chose simplifiy3D and although it is not a free option, this too was money well spent. The prints were night and day, with little to no work other than a few clicks. With some simple filament adjustments, the results are fantastic.


Almost a year later and I have printed many, many projects with this. I love it more every-time I use it. I just wanted to update my review with what I believe to be one of the best upgrades I have done yet, a glass build plate. I purchased (http://www.amazon.com/Borosilicate-Glass-Upgrade-Flashforge-Creator/dp/B00XWLVKRG/ref=sr_1_12?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1461088462&sr=1-12) some time ago and have had the best success yet with this upgrade. The stock setup with the build plate tape/mat is "Ok" and promotes good adhesion, but I found it to actually be a little to good and at times damaged my prints trying to get them off. This solves all that and leaves a glass smooth surface. Do yourself a favor and get this upgrade. well worth the money.

Small img 0003 By Tom Headley on Oct 20 2016
Hard working printer that requires occasional maintenance

These printers have a built in processor chip so you do not have to use a computer to run it.  You can just load the g-code and start printing.  The build area is 150mmX225mmX150mm so it can print most thing I need to print.

Avatar small By Migwans on Jul 28 2020
Dependable and easy to use.

We have six in our MakerLab that I use to teach 3D printing workshops.  Once the leveling is set anyone can be up an running on one of these in just a few hours.  Be ready to occasionally replace the leveling screws, they strip out.  I replaced the blue painter's tape with Flashforge glass beds to cut costs, haven't regretted it.

There are a few minor quirks in the firmware, especially in the newer 3.  They will first say they can't read the SD card, but will on the second try.  The newer molded acrylic lids don't fit as well since we use 3D printed filament guides and spool holders off Thingiverse.  They are just a bit smaller than I would like.

There is an excellent community around these printers and I was able to work directly with the company in China to replace 3 motherboards that had problematic card slots (they were an older model).

I do recommend these to anyone looking to buy a printer but don't want to tinker with it.

Small 11751866 10204744209470551 1600124821851523281 n By rspraggjr on Oct 19 2016
Always comes through
  • Reliable
  • Quality
  • Well built
Small creation labs   symbol   full color1 By AaronH15241 on Oct 20 2016
Love my Creator Pro

I have nothing but good experiences with my Creator Pro.  Out of my five 3D Printers, it's my favorite.  Beautiful prints every time.

Small tumblr malxemsokv1r1tc9jo1 1280 By motorheadv10 on Oct 20 2016
The best bang for your buck!!

I searched for a 3D printer that would give me the best of both worlds with the option of dual print heads, and a fair size build platform. Compared to other printers I chose Flashforge Creator Pro for the simple fact that it looked and worked like the more expensive printers at a more reasonable price. If I was to purchase another printer I would definitely consider another Flashforge.

Avatar small By SniperTeamTango on Oct 20 2016
Easy to use but sort of picky.

Quality shot through the roof lately after using new filament from local supplier. Printer does not have software of any sort. Its very straight forward but I do not believe I've mastered the process yet as prints fail at a reliable but not unreasonable rate.

Small wa By Ravencos27 on Jul 29 2020
Mighty Fine Bit of Kit

I haven't had any experience with other printers, so can't really compare, but I am thoroughly satisfied with the Creater Pro.

The setup was was an enjoyable experience. A 3D printer especially just isn't the same unless you have to assemble it. Every engineer-at-heart kid's dream.

The software is dead easy to use. Simply load your SDL into the Flashprint program, hit print, and jobs a goodin'. Obviously you can/need to adjust all the printer settings as you desire,  but that's dead easy as well. Everything is clearly explained in Flashprint, and adjustments are very simple.

The hardware is great quality. I did have to remove some nuts from the printer plate because they made it very difficult to adjust, and the glass plate doesn't have any kind of grips to mount it to the machine (i'd of expected screw holes). But otherwise, no issues at all. The material is easy to load and unload. Adjusting the plate height is no problem (once i removed those screws), and channging the printer settings, even mid-print is super-easy.

I don't have an issue with the cost. £570 is a great price for this. Even though i can't compare it to other printers, I'd like to class it as an upper-end mid-range printer. The materials arn't outrageously overpriced so no issue there ,and each spool (1000m normally) can't get you quite a hefty amount of models. 

All in all, I'd very much recommend the Flashforge Creator Pro for beginners and veterans alike.

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