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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
250 x 250 x 250
Layer Resolution
60-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
245° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Works well after tuning

Requires a bit of work, maybe a couple afternoons to get the values dialed in but prints well after that with recalibration rarely needed

Отличный принтер за эти деньги.

После настройки и дополнения небольшими улучшениями печатает быстро и качественно.

Small fanbotica icona sito twitter 02.fw By Francesco Onorati on Nov 08 2019
Chi acquista una kossel pro non se ne pente di sicuro.

Posseggo una Anycubic Kossel Linear Pro Una stampante con un ottimo rapporto prezzo qualità, con una qualità e un volume di stampa paragonabile e spesso superiori alle concorrenti. Il sistema di autolivellamento non presente quando l'ho acquistata ma reso disponibile qualche mese dopo, e di serie sul modello più recente, consente una procedura di livellamento dell'estrusore rispetto al piano di stampa, più veloce e precisa. Oltretutto la Anycubic la vende quasi già preassemblata. Consigliata a chi non vuole spendere cifre da capogiro e vuole un buon volume e risultato sin dagli inizi.   

Avatar small By Günter Becker on Mar 05 2020
The best I have

I tested Reprap Prusa and than I switched to the Anycubic Kossel Plus Printer. In only 7 Steps the preassembled Printerparts are build to a printer made of excellent produced parts. No twisted axes screws but well shaped rectangle shaped axes. The printer comes with 1 head with inbuild ventilator and a second ventilator for the cooling nozzle. A special sensor can be connected via magnetic panel to use the automatic leveling of the príntbed. The bed is fixed (!) and not moving. The movement is done by the printhead which is fixed to arms of a gyroscopic crane. Therefore once leveled leveling will be good for a long time. The printbed is heated but I use blue tape for better adhesion.

And the prinable dimensions are heavy: Z=300mm and the circle of ther printbed is 230mm.

Attached in the well documented assembly kit are several high quality tools to build and work with.

The manufaturer is from china but the communication via e-Mail is very good and quick.  I blowed a board off by a failure of mine and I got one back for nothing within 7 Days.

Compared with the printing results  the layer quality is lightyears away from the one I had with the Prusa Model. Fine printed surface with good tolearance of the values. I printed smal chairs of 4x4 mm with legs of 1 mm in diameter for a ship model.

The used slicing software is Cura from Utimaker and the OS is Marlin RepRap. Printer can be connected to Windows 10 via USB or it works standalone with data from SD Card.

 Final statement:  this is the best printer I ever bought and I am using it very often. And the Price on ebay in 2019 was 175 Euros for the assembly kit. Deliverd within 1 week.

Best regards from GERMANY Guenter

Avatar small By riccardo stoduti on Nov 29 2021
Una stampante con un ottimo rapporto prezzo qualità

Una stampante con un ottimo rapporto prezzo qualità, con una qualità e un volume di stampa paragonabile e spesso superiori alle concorrenti. ho installato il software della Marlin con il sistema di autolivellamento , sono molto soddisfatto, L'ho montata da zero, ho ammattito un po per calibrarla tutta(la mia prima stampante) ma ripeto sono veramente soddisfatto. 

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