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The RepRap Prusa i3 was one of the earlier designs in the RepRap scene and quickly rose to become the most popular. It has a number of different variants and commercially produced versions including the Prusa Research i3 MK II by the original creator, Josef Prusa. A straightforward motion system allows for ease of assembly and customization and has the potential to create beautiful prints.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
250 x 210 x 200
Layer Resolution
50 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
Open Source

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RepRap Prusa i3 Prints 730

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Avatar small By plinko on Jan 25 2019

i assumed i would be reading and studying and failing to produce anything for a long time.  i had a great time building the kit with my son and we were printing the next day.  only one obstacle with setting the first layer thickness.

Small 13240649 10154895196039922 5025777894366242448 n By ErikT22 on Feb 01 2019
DIY printer

If you have no mechanical exp, don't try to use this. I ran into a lot of things that had to be done since I am printing ABS. I still enjoy using it though.

Avatar small By Ralph Ruiz on Feb 03 2019
RepRap Guru review

For the buck, you get a whole lot of bang.  Any issues I had with troublesome parts were quickly resolved by the Guru guys and replacements were sent to me no questions asked.  Nice little unit!

Avatar small By Fernando Larumbe on Mar 13 2019

Always use it with PLA with excellent results. It is essential to adjust the height of the bed before each use and use a good adhesive (type of hair fixer)

Avatar small By Eslam Eldeknawy on Jul 07 2019
Graber i3

I'm very satisfied with my diy Graber i3 

It's easy to use and maintenance 

Avatar small By mahdi_eghrari on Sep 29 2019
Prusa i3


It's very good for entertainment  and you can't use it for high quality .

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