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The RepRap Prusa i3 was one of the earlier designs in the RepRap scene and quickly rose to become the most popular. It has a number of different variants and commercially produced versions including the Prusa Research i3 MK II by the original creator, Josef Prusa. A straightforward motion system allows for ease of assembly and customization and has the potential to create beautiful prints.

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Avatar small By Len Roughgarden on Apr 03 2018
Amazed and Dazed.

Easy to assemble and get first print going.  Really appreciate the quality of components. First "real" print after a few calibration cubes (and online research for correcting setup issues) was a filament guide/holder.  Took a couple of tries, but finally figured out that my drafty garage workbench was not the right place to set the printer up.  Lots of little improvements (tweaks) are available via the internet and every one implemented so far has made this printer a little better.  I fully expect that as I gain experience and knowledge this printer will continue to impress me with its capabilities and value.  Very satisfied.

Avatar small By alanfr on May 05 2018
An inexpensive Intro to learning about 3D printing

Purchased the kit from China back in 2014. Cost was around £320 (including customs duty) and included 2 x 1Kgm rolls of filament. It was based on Prusa i3 but had an acrylic frame, not aluminium as the later ones moved to and it did not have auto levelling. The Z axis did have two motors with 'built in' lead screws (supposedly better than lead screws that are clamped onto the spindle). Kit was easy to put together and doing this gave me a good intro to how it all works. It also worked straight away! Have used it to print a few useful objects as well as many 'frivolous' ones. 

Overall it was a good buy at the time. But now I am looking to do some more intense/precise printing and  I realise ideally it needs better calibrating,  larger prints have the habit of warping, the Z axis motors started 'skipping' (and finally jammed) and ideally one needs auto bed levelling. However, so far I have been able to correct the jammed motors (stripped down and gunk removed from threads and inside motor) and am planning to build a simple enclosure (to get more stable temperature to hopefully reduce warping) and to add auto levelling. Also need to perhaps straighten the Z axis lead screws as these may cause some skips plus see if the nema 17s should/could be plugged in to two connectors (the board has an extra E1 socket that Marlin could make a Z2 socket). Again this is proving to be an interesting learning experience.

I did print and install two filament guides. One allows filament to loop to top of machine then down to extruder and reduces any strain on filament when executing fast moves (occasionally I had filament breaks). The other sits in extruder and allows the use of flexible filament. Also printed some cabling bracketsto tidy up the runs and some 'hold down' brackets to screw printer and filament holder onto a base board.

Pros: Price; Good Quality; Instructive; Lots of data on web; a few spares provided and mostly commonly used parts that are easy and inexpensive to source.

Cons: Lead screws slightly warped; No data for Arduino board used (so will be making a guess).

One other positive for me is that it has got me interested in all aspects of Arduinos, 3D design, general CNCs, and even programming in Python. All good to keep the brain ticking over!

Small swak 1400x1400 By swak on May 14 2018
It is a challenging 3d printer but it taught me a lot through trial and error.

I feel for the price it is a great way to see if your really into printing 3D models.

Avatar small By Taylor Tucker on May 22 2018
The long and winding road

The build took a few days. The first few prints went great. Needed some tweaking. Tweaking led to flashing firmware, which led to breaking the heat bed and have no LCD. Once I actually found the correct firmware and replaced the heatbed everything works again. Now I’m back to tweaking the print settings as my prints are not very pretty. 

Great way to learn how to master a 3d printer as well as learn and practice A LOT of patience and trial and error. 

Avatar small By Miguel zapata on May 23 2018
buena impresora

buena calidad.facil de usar

Avatar small By John Crunk on Jul 27 2018
The Original Prusa I3 MK3 Kit

After waiting for 6 weeks for the kit, I spent a whole day assembling and testing. I have 50 years of experience in mechanical and electronic design and assembly. 

The assembly instructions come in a one-half inch book of color pictures and text; a really great job.

I only had a couple of minor instances where I failed to read the directions and had to back up a step or two. Wiring everything into the controller is quite a challenge since there is a lot of wiring stuffed into a small space, but the directions and good pictures saved the day.

After running the self test (success!) I proceeded to the calibration. This is where you need to take a break and take your time. This is the most critical part of the build.

Once the testing was done, I printed the Prusa logo from the SD card. It was just about perfect.

The next day I attempted to print some small parts and was having trouble getting the PLA to stick to the bed. I went back and did the first layer calibration again -- I think I had the nozzle just a bit high so the PLA was not bonding well. And always keep in mind that the bed must be clean, clean, clean. Any residue will cause you grief.

This is my third attempt at 3d printing -- the first two were utter disasters. Hats off to Josef and his team; this is really a fine machine. 

Avatar small By Nour Ziad on Aug 05 2018
The Original Prusa I3

Very good!

Small 38054889 2113214935598813 5524799527300628480 n By imperordesign on Sep 13 2018
Prusia I3 Anet A8

Cheap printer, but very friendly to explore and work with. Comfortable and useful soft for both operating systems.

Avatar small By tomwatson on Sep 17 2018
Does what I need

I build 3dmodel airplanes from 3DLabprint.All of their designs have been optimised for the Pruser Original printers so I just use the GCodes directly to print the parts.

Avatar small By toolcrib4417 on Oct 29 2018
you get what you pay for

I've had my printer for a while now, but i walk  away from it every now and then to keep it from feeling like a job. the printer has not given any problems at all, except for operator errors. the print quality is surprising seeing that i bought it about 5 or 6 years ago and i'm just now learning how to print. 

the most disappointing thing about it was, i didn't do my homework on 3d printing. i didn't know that i would have to upgrade my unit to print certain types of filament. it has an MK-8 extruder. these units usually have a safe operating temp. of 230 degrees c. 

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