RepRap Prusa i3

by RepRap
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The RepRap Prusa i3 was one of the earlier designs in the RepRap scene and quickly rose to become the most popular. It has a number of different variants and commercially produced versions including the Prusa Research i3 MK II by the original creator, Josef Prusa. A straightforward motion system allows for ease of assembly and customization and has the potential to create beautiful prints.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
250 x 210 x 200
Layer Resolution
50 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
Open Source

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Avatar small By prophett1967 on Dec 17 2017
Great printer

this is a printer for the beginner if you enjoy putting things together.

Avatar small By mballor37 on Dec 26 2017
Lot of work to build made several mistakes  if it wasn't for the online comunity I never would have made it work
Avatar small By ATOM Tech Indonesia on Dec 27 2017
Cheap Printer for Beginner

I think this would be your very first 3d printer because it's really cheap

You can learn how 3d printing works and you can print an upgrade to make this printer better and better

You can make a clone too with when you know how it works

Avatar small By m.syaltut on Jan 09 2018
3D Printer for Beginner

Started by do an assembly the printer, you'll learn each of printer's part function. 

Avatar small By Cyber Man on Jan 14 2018
Ceap an easy to use

Easy to build and cheap, you will learn a lot about 3D Printer by building this Printer

Small 41b42318fe5a02cf5f1f6d5d79eb7142 By wasgun on Jan 24 2018
Easy 3D printing

Easy to build and cheap, you will learn a lot about 3D Printer by building this Printer

Avatar small By Robert O'Keeffe on Jan 28 2018
Prusa i3 Mk3

New to 3d printing, bought one from Amazon supposed to be all friendly, easy to use etc etc but had nothing but problems so took the plunge and bought a Prusa i3 Mk3 and so far have been extremely delighted with it, took my time building it over a week, then setting up, had a few problems but think I have over come them and now starting to slowly test my printing out, made the tree frog that came with it, bulldog and Prusa logo, all good so far, now for some thing bigger, just have to wait and see how it goes but looking good so far..........................

Avatar small By Vlad Ionescu on Feb 22 2018
Easy to use

I like the "skeletal" look of this printer. This makes it easy to replace various parts.

Avatar small By Len Roughgarden on Apr 03 2018
Amazed and Dazed.

Easy to assemble and get first print going.  Really appreciate the quality of components. First "real" print after a few calibration cubes (and online research for correcting setup issues) was a filament guide/holder.  Took a couple of tries, but finally figured out that my drafty garage workbench was not the right place to set the printer up.  Lots of little improvements (tweaks) are available via the internet and every one implemented so far has made this printer a little better.  I fully expect that as I gain experience and knowledge this printer will continue to impress me with its capabilities and value.  Very satisfied.

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