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The RepRap Prusa i3 was one of the earlier designs in the RepRap scene and quickly rose to become the most popular. It has a number of different variants and commercially produced versions including the Prusa Research i3 MK II by the original creator, Josef Prusa. A straightforward motion system allows for ease of assembly and customization and has the potential to create beautiful prints.

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250 x 210 x 200
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50 microns
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Avatar small By Hamish Burnett Browne on Jul 18 2017
Overall a great printer

 Overall a great picture   However the slicing softer  it comes with is not very good I switched over to Cara   That's really the only bad thing I have to say about it

Avatar small By tgt0243 on Jul 21 2017
Original Prusa i3 MK2S

As a builder and flyer of radio control aircraft I wanted to delve into the realm of 3D printing to expand the possibilities of adding custom printed parts, to say nothing of printing an entire airplane. After considerable research, and having a somewhat limited budget, I decided to go with the subject printer and wait out the 7 week lead time for the kit version. After a couple of afternoons assembling and calibrating the machine, I began printing some of the objects included on the SD card by Prusa Research. The results are a wonder to behold, in my humble opinion. There are Prusa i3 clones on the market that sell for a third, or less, of the cost of the original and if you are willing and able to tinker with them long enough they produce great results. I simply wanted to avoid all of that and the better half told me to just order what I want. If you have the wherewithal to buy this machine I highly recommend it. It just simply works and works well.

Caveat: I have only printed with PLA to this point in time so have nothing to report about printing other types of materials. However, based upon others' experience, I've no doubt it will perform well. 

Avatar small By EliuMtz on Aug 20 2017
Great Printer

It's easy for use (software) but it need more experience with another printer (hardware)

Avatar small By Eymeric Aubry on Aug 24 2017
Prusa I3

Hi, on first, English is not my mother language so, i m gonna try to express my self clearly. 

It's not a very long time that I'm owner of my prusa I3 from Anycubic. It was quite easy and interesting to build it, just a bit long.

For the principal subject, the printer is doing her job. For the price i was not expecting a Profesional quality but i m quite happy about the final result. Its only few days I'm using it so, I don't have  back review about it. I well share my experience after more uses.

Avatar small By morriscoleman on Aug 29 2017
Heavily moded Prusa i3

Started as a standard i3 build....but can't resist tinkering

1/    Encased totally in perspex

2/   Made custom hotend in lathe ---- similar to E3D

3/   Converted hotend to water cooling ---- Water jacket, pump, radiator and fan, thermometer.

4/   Installed auto levelling

5/   Upgraded hot bed by sandwiching two together...uses about 2nd power supply and switching with

12V car relay.

6/   Installed lighting, and auto shutdown, using Solid State Relay and M80/M81

Been going well for a couple of years, despite the cheapo Chinese it !!!!!

Avatar small By Tio NERD on Sep 01 2017
It is good if you have advanced assembly skills and less money!

I spent 3 days to assembly of Anet A8 (on my free time). It was 10 days and I didn't calibrate it properly yet. But it is cheap! But if you have more money and want to quick start in this business I don't recommend this printer.

Avatar small By Attila Havasi on Sep 28 2017
Cheap challenge

It's a good printer with some challenge. It have some trouble with positioning and leveling of Z-axis, but it solved with some printed parts and manual after-setting. It can upgradeable because the software has no size limit.

Cheap and usefull if you like a fight.

Small 049 By DanDCowan on Sep 28 2017
Cheap and cheerful

Out of the box I knew it was going to be a challenge to build it, which it was, but I had fun thinking of the fruits of my labor that were to come. Everything went together fine except on part was broken, that was the Y axis (Heat bed) tensioner, I did message the ebay seller and they sent a metal replacement out, but I had glued the broken part back together anyway (which is still going strong about a year later) At first I had issues getting it to extrude, this turned out to be bad earthing on the board, after continuity testing the extruder tracks in the board, I soldiered a wire between the 2 joints and it started working. Days of testing to try and get the printer to print "ok" and trying different things to get the print to stick to the board, I finally printed a skull, about 3cm by 3cm, not amazing but it did show me the limitations on overhangs and detail, since then ive installed a new extruder and am looking in to a better stepper motor for the bed axis as it will jump now and again when under a bit of load, which cause the print to become off center, but overall a very good, cheap intro in to 3d printing which can be fully upgraded to the point of not being the same printer you started out with!

Avatar small By bronstein.mateo on Nov 13 2017
good starter

I got it as a kit, it took me about 6 hours to build it and a couple more to get it working. I works good,just needs time and experience with the settings

Avatar small By Roisi on Nov 20 2017
CTC i3 Prusa Pro B clone, my first...

Cheap and cheerful, extra bolts and nuts included as is extra y-motor bracket. Mechanics are generally ok, the most annoying feature is the CTC:s own(?) GT2560 firmware. I'm waiting for another motherboard to arrive, then I'll try to flash this one...

Have fun!


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