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We are excited to become one of the few authorized US resellers of Ultimaker. Ultimaker has developed a global reputation and following for having printers that work very well and require very little tinkering. The well designed print head on this printer will quietly and accurately build your creation with an accuracy of 20 microns. The Original+ comes with a heated bed so you can print in PLA, ABS, PETG, and more! This printer creates printed parts with a very smooth finish without highly visible print lines. Start printing large parts today with a build volume of 8 x 8 x 8 inches.

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Avatar small By thepilgrim on Oct 20 2016
An Early 3D Printer With Some Issues, but a Good Experience Overall

I bought this printer used, so it had some wear to start out.  Since there is no automatic leveling or Z zeroing,  it took a little work to get it going.  But then it printed well for a while. But then things started to wear out and I found out that the build quality of this printer was not high. The user community for this printer is great, and have designed many work-arounds and upgrades.  This is the first printer that the Cura software was written for, so the software is top-notch.  Print quality varies, with your expertise in setting it up, the quality of the plastic filament, and how fast you push the printer. (It has a knob on the front that varies the speed on the fly.)  

It did not come with a heated bed, so I print in PLA only. Overall, it has been a delight to learn a lot about 3D printing thru this machine.

Small microdure logo By Microdure on Oct 20 2016
My experience on original Ultimaker


I bought an original Ultimaker printer for the pleasure of my first mounted 3D printers. This allowed me to understand system are time in service. I found the installation instructions very easy to follow and accesssible all. . The Cura Software is perfectly consistent and easy to use for people who start. The original Ultimaker allows working with alot of quality selections of polymers such as polycarbonate thempérature to 260 ° and with a precision rarely achieved in other 3D printers After almost two years, I still have not been out, and I'm still happy and proud of my original Ultimaker. I would not trade against anything.


Small logoincircle By Goosebumps Lab on Oct 23 2016
It has been a good companion, but now is old

Learning 3D printing with an Ultimaker Original has been a great experience, however now there are more reliable and more equipped machines on the market.

Avatar small By jeffh on Oct 25 2016
This Frankenprinter keeps on satisfying

I first assembled this printer January 2013. Many mods and upgrades later, it is still churning out prints that rival the best from new printers in the same (and higher!) price range.  The user community is so active and supportive that almost everything I wanted that was not initially available is now doable aftermarket. The only reason I have for looking to build another printer now is because I'd like to print much larger objects in one go.

Avatar small By DrieD Printje on Jun 23 2017
A very good golden oldie

Very good öld"machine, workhorse!!!

Avatar small By Dutchbirdie on Mar 10 2019
What more do you need.

I bought it as a second hand machine. Little maintanance but that's always needed and since then i printed very good stuff. I am a newbie in the 3D print world but  i am hooked on this hobby. Aspecialy with this Ultimaker Original.

Avatar small By Frank Oris on Jan 16 2021
perfect cost - value rate

superb after service

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