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Hi these are the clips for hanging shelves. in addition to this you'll gonna need "ROLLER BLIND BEADED PULL CORD" to make this possible. HOW it started? (Concept) i was trying to put the acrylic shelves in my living room to display some of my 3d Prints. thought the wall bit is square glass art. the firt attempt was to hot glue the shelves brackets. which came off the glass after 2 days :( than after a wee bit thought i've created this easily adjestable and any size coed or any numbers of shelves. the cord spec is bead size is 4.5mm and gap inbetween is 2mm. easily available on ebay. for my use as can be seen in pics i've used 2meter beaded coed on each side, and 3 shelves . for each shelves you need 2x shelves brackets and small clips so it can hold/clip the beads inplace so it won't move or slide down. anyquestion plz feel free to contact. thanks

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