Treble Hook Guard for Fishing Rod

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-= This is a work in progress =- This thing is perfect for fishermen on the go! Most of the time when I go on a fishing trip, I just want to throw my gear in the car, and head out for the fishing spots. Sometimes I just make a few casts at one place and then head for the next. I throw my rod, with lure and everything in the backseat of the car and heads on. Then, when I reach my next fishing spot and grabs my gear... the lure is often attached to the interior of the car... With this treble hook holder, you can your attach your lures or spinner baits (with hook size 4-6) easily on you fishing rod! This is a One-size fits most... it fit rods with diameter 6.5 - 9 mm. Note that It might be a little tricky to attach on the rod the first time after printing since it's a close fit. But once you get it on your rod it should stick rather well. Note: I'm still working on the holder part for the rod, so If you have any tips or suggestions for improvement don't be afraid to give me a comment!

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