LED Sticks: A Modular, Low Power, LED Light System for 3D Printe

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As someone who prints a lot, and who rarely sleeps, I would always find myself using my cell phone light to look at my prints while working through the night. I was so tired of it I designed a basic LED driver that operates from a wall outlet, to provide visible light while printing. As my designs kept evolving I finally settle on having a main driver unit(shown clipped onto the top left, printed in brown) with multiple clip-on LED "sticks" which you can stick on any edge of 3D printers. I had my circuit fabricated, and began prototyping. The current design can feature up to 8 Modular LED sticks, with just the change of a small resistor. I used bendable cables for wiring up the LEDs, and then covered them with clear cable protectors to ensure they could take a beating, as well as look stylish. As you'll see these are not your typical LEDs, but LEDs used for back-lighting and aesthetic design purposes. I will have a link soon to provide where I purchased them. As you'll see in the pictures, I used kapton tape to secure the LED onto the stick itself. This method allows the user to use any type of colored tape to get the light tone they want. Kapton tape is semi-orange and gives off a "warm" white versus a bright white. I used BSI gap-filler to secure the wire leads onto the stick, for a firm super glue like hold. Using a caliper, I was able to make precise measurements to make sure that the clips will not interfere with the printing process. So far there are no problems! The LED driver PCB is shown as the last picture with a basic description, please let me know if you have questions, I am planning on posting the schematic and parts list soon. Last but not least, you'll find 3 .stl files provided. The driver case, and two different LED Stick sizes, regular and "Jumbo." They are very basic and easy designs for quick printing and use. I designed this project to grow, feel free to message me if you are interested in the LED driver unit, I have plenty :)

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