Amazing Bubble Wands!

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NEW: Amazing Bubble Wands 2.0 Collection is now free in honor of Pinshape's online stay!

--------------------------The 9 Original Bubble Wands------------------- 

Simple bubble wand 

Target scope bubble wand 

3-in-1 circle bubble wand 

Turtle bubble wand 

Cat bubble wand 

Panda bubble wand 

Butterfly bubble wand 

Ladybug bubble wand 

Flower bubble wand

---------------------------------2 New Wands-------------------------------- 

Shooting star bubble wand 

Minion bubble wand


What are bubbles? 

Bubbles are created when an air pocket is trapped inside of film from a soapy sphere. 

Why are they only spheres? 

Even though many of the bubble wands are different shapes, bubbles can only form in a sphere because they are "minimal surface structures", which means that they shrink to the smallest shape they can be for the volume of air it holds. 

Why do they pop? 

Aside from landing on something pokey, they pop because the water between the soap films evaporates from the sun. That's why when it's colder, bubbles tend to last longer because of the slowed evaporation process and sometimes will freeze. 

Why do bubbles stick together? 

Bubbles want to have the smallest surface area it can possibly have, so it will share a common wall with another bubble. If there are three bubbles that join together, they will meet at the center at a 120 degree angle! 

Where do bubbles get their colors? 

Bubbles get their colors from light waves reflecting between the soap film’s outer and inner surfaces. The distance between the layers gets smaller as the water evaporates, making the colors change. 

NOTE: I'm not a bubble expert! I got the information from:

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