Tom's Raspberry Pi Camera Mount V3 + (optional) LED Mount V1

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My first project in Fusion 360 (good bye SketchUp) is suitable for all owners of Raspberry Pi (with OctoPi, 3DPrinterOS etc.) which works as a remote control of their 3D printer. If you want to see printing job from computer, tablet or mobile – almost anywhere and anytime – you want to have a mount for your standard camera or Pi NoIR (infrared camera). And if you have infrared camera, you may also need IR LEDs mount (light for dark rooms). Both parts are connected by pieces of filament – see Instructions for more details.

What you need:

  • Raspberry Pi with original camera (standard or NoIR)
  • case with open GPIO slot (mount will use it as a base) – NOTE: Raspberry Pi case is not my work, use one which you like
  • working 3D printer (no supports needed) 
  • two short pieces of 1.75mm filament 
  • optional for printing in completely dark room: IR LEDs board like (costs 4–5 $; you will use 12V power source for it)


  • No supports needed. Layers max. 0.2mm are recommended.
  • If you have only Raspberry Pi camera, print only main part of mount. If you have IR LEDs, print both parts.
  • To connect parts: Use two short pieces of 1.75mm filament (cca 10mm). They need to be very tightly inserted to holes on both parts so there is no swinging. If your printer is not so precise (like my Printrbot), you will need to scrub all holes (mainly entry areas) for filament. If it doesn't help, take your sharp knife and rub the surface of filament pieces to required diameter. Do not cut it. It is easy and fast.

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