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Nothing really original or creative in this piece, sorry… ;) I was just thinking, while playing with the sculpt mode in Blender, how much trying to design a shape that could be printed without any support kind of looks like the way coral grows under water, reaching for the surface, where the sunlight comes from. Additive 3D printing, even for different reasons, determines the same kind of process (going up, without ever starting on empty space). I was just making some silly blobs from half a sphere, and with that additive process in mind, I spontaneously made it grow like coral does. It reminded me of what world-famous comics artist Mœbius said about the process of drawing natural shapes : to draw a rock, or a tree, you have to become a rock, or a tree (and then branches, and leaves), in your mind. I guess I understood that better as, without really meaning to in the beginning, I somehow became a piece of coral, and started to grow up… :)

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