Sun Goddess Set - Clutch, Ring and Amulet

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The sun's burning bright, exams are over, and you're in a brilliant mood. The urge to grab some ice cream is overpowering so you decide to run to the nearest stand. But you're wearing your tiniest shorts or skirt and there's nowhere to put your coins and phone! Every girl should have a sturdy clutch large enough to stash her essentials in for quick errands. Accessories to match are awesome too. Assembly of the clutch should be very easy: the "closer" piece should be glued into place once the barrel hinges have slid into their respective holes to prevent it coming apart. The two parts of the knob will also have to be glued/fitted together. The ring and amulet are ready to be finished and worn right off the print bed (a string/chain/cord will naturally be necessary for the latter).

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