BATMAN Gold Ball Marker

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Video explaining the ball markers, multi-tool they go with, and overall golf collection I designed. This is a custom Batman ball marker I designed to go with this golf multi-tool. It's a simple dual extrusion print, you can choose whatever colors you want... For dual extrusion select the two files called - "NAME_Shell" and "NAME_Letters/Logo"** I have also given an option for single extrusion prints... You can either print it all one color, or print it with a z-stop at 1 mm and change filaments to get a dual color look... For single extrusion select the file called - "NAME_Single"** OTHER BALL MARKERS I DESIGNED FOR THE MULTI-TOOL 8-BALL - NIKE LOGO - PUNISHER - SMILEY FACE - SPADE - SPIDERMAN - Also, here is a golf tee I designed to go with this set... It's called The Royal-TEE... THANK YOU FOR READING - ENJOY!!!

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