Camera to GoPro mount adapter

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Use your Gopro mounts with a standard camera that has a tripod mount.

I made this so I could use my camcorder with all my GoPro mounts. You will need a 1/4-20 hex head bolt 1/2" long and a 1/4-20 nut.

Print one of each of the 2 parts. Use epoxy to glue the bolt into the main mount, be sure to push it in all the way (screw a nut onto it until dry to hold it tightly in place.

Then epoxy the nut into the finger nut but be sure you don't end up with epoxy in the threads.

Once the epoxy cures, simply screw the finger nut onto the bolt (open nut side facing the mount) and it's ready to use.

Screw the camera onto the bolt until it points the right way, then use the finger nut to tighten the camera down. Now you can attach it to any of your GoPro capable mounts.

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Tripod Finger nut S.stl
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