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This is a working model of a floor jack.  It goes from 50mm to 175mm with a few pumps of the handle.  It can only lift a few pounds, so it's not meant for actually jacking anything.  I printed it pretty heavy at 50% infill for stability.  About 50 hours and 800 grams of filament.  I included the pins as printable objects, but I used 1/4" aluminum rod instead.  The print also requires forty two (42) No. 4, 3/8" button head screws and two (2) 1/4-20 x 4" long bolts.  You'll have to grind a little bit off the end of the bolts for a nicer look.

Design Files

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Handle Grip.stl
308 KB
57mm Pin.stl
28.6 KB
Front Roller.stl
57.1 KB
Conecting Rod (Left).stl
81.4 KB
Bottom Bridge.stl
63 KB
44mm Pin.stl
27.4 KB
20mm Pin.stl
33.1 KB
Tie Bar.stl
71.3 KB
Sub Frame (Right).stl
74.9 KB
Sub Frame (Left).stl
74.9 KB
Side Plate (Right).stl
521 KB
Side Plate (Left).stl
521 KB
Ratchet Rack.stl
103 KB
Ratchet Pusher.stl
64.2 KB
Ratchet Pawl.stl
317 KB
Main Bar.stl
184 KB
Main Arm (Right).stl
191 KB
Main Arm (Left).stl
191 KB
Lift Block.stl
289 KB
15.7 KB
Handle Pivot.stl
241 KB
Gusset Plate (Right).stl
567 KB
Gusset Plate (Left).stl
567 KB
Dish Spinner.stl
63.9 KB
Conecting Rod (Right).stl
81.4 KB
37.2 KB
Back Roller.stl
33 KB
77mm Pin.stl
28 KB
26mm Pin.stl
29.2 KB
24mm Pin.stl
30.6 KB
17mm Pin.stl
28 KB
183 KB


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