Printable Gauge to set the plate - for Prusa Mendel

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Use two of the indicators to quickly and easily set the Plate in the level. The tilt of indicator of 1 mm corresponds to the height of 0.17 mm. With ease you set the height to an accuracy of 0.08 mm. Instruction : You will need two level indicators.

1) Print two. 2) Assemble the arms. Use two nuts on each screw. Warning: The lower arm (arrow) has slightly and freely move.

Both indicators must show exactly the same value. They must be calibrated. Install one at any point on the X axis. Set X-axis height so that the arms indicator are parallel. White pen mark level of the arm and remove it from the X axis. Then, without changing anything, the second indicator mount exactly the same place. Mark level of the arm and remove it from the X axis. Ok, now both indicators show the same height.

  • Leveling plate - Install both indicators at the opposite ends X axis. Move the Y axis, check the height at the corners of the Plate. Et voilà , allez! ;-)

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