ZYYX Spool Holder For Side Placement


When i rearranged my printers at home my ZYYX printer ended up in a corner and suddenly changing spools became cumbersome. So i designed a spoolholder to mount on the side of the machine to simplify changing spools.

The handle will snap in place and the spoolholder itself which is positioned to the left of the handle is mounted just as the regular spoolholder on the back.

Be aware that if you are using the filament detector this might cause problems, i might add some more parts later to deal with this.

While this is designed to be mounted on the printers right side, you can easily mirror it and make a left side verion.


Design Files

File Size

ZYYX Side Spool Holder.stl
1.32 MB
ZYYX Short handle.stl
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