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Remix of: This is my take on the Queen B Mars Apartment. I turned it into a Mars Base for a family. To inspire my grandkids, made a real playgarden in the second room. In the meantime I made the attributes of the playgarden really functional. Redesigned the swings so that they really swing. Made a small hole in the bottom of the base, glued a smaller version of the screw for the seesaw onto the bottom of the merrygoround. NOW the merrygoround goes around :) Made the screw for the seesaw a little smaller, printed it out and glued it onto the bottom of the base. The seesaw now also moves up and down... Well, the slide speaks for itself, it has real stairs at the back to climb.... Just scroll through the pictures to see the updates. Also made a Mars Curiosity Rover like this one: Unfortunately am not able to upload a picture as a remake, so i've uploaded it here on my own design page....

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