NOTE: These files are to be downloaded with the other parts for this design - Power Loader.  

This is the Exo-Suit from my favorite movie when I was a kid. It's for doing battle with the things that mostly come at night... mostly. The model is fully articulated including the arms, legs, grippers and cage. Everything is 3D Printed except the pins for the cylinders are cut paperclips and the "hydraulic lines" are made from flexible filament. 

I recommend regular resolution with 30-50% infill. The print in the pictures is PLA. Some parts require support material. I highly recommend a test fit assembly before applying any glue. I use superglue. Be sure to keep the glue away from the gripper slides, pivot pins and flexible joints.  


Design Files

File Size

Stand Horizontal.stl
309 KB
Stand Vertical.stl
323 KB
Left Upper Arm - Outer.stl
149 KB
Arm Pivot Pin.stl
29.6 KB
Small Cage Tube.stl
80.2 KB
Right Cage Reciever.stl
83.5 KB
Left Cage Reciever.stl
83.5 KB
Large Cage Tube.stl
60 KB
Grip Pad.stl
13 KB
Small Alignment Peg.stl
21.8 KB
85.7 KB


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