Low Poly PineApple Planter/Jar

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This low-poly Pineapple can be printed for many purposes and is a fun decoration to have around the house.

  • It can be printed in one solid piece and used as a decoration, or
  • The two pieces can be printed separately and used as a container or jar.
  • Additionally, the bottom piece alone can be printed and used as a planter. A nice leafy green plant can then be used to simulate the leaves of the pineapple.

  This design was inspired by my girlfriend, who has asked me to print her a pot for her cactus. I was originally planning on doing something more traditional, but then I noticed the Low Poly Design Contest and decided that I needed to create something that would be eligible for the contest. She loves Pineapples, and I like the idea of the cactus serving as part of the design itself. Without the proper plant, the design would just look like a simple low-poly planter.    Never having done a low-poly design before and using the completely wrong software for this type of design (SolidWorks), this project ended up being extremely difficult to complete. Almost every surface had to be manually created, and without help of some slightly complicated circular symmetry, this would have been impossible. Once I had the base complete, I decided to expand the project into including the top, so that the base could alternatively be used as a jar.    The bottom should be printed in Yellow/Orange filament. I will be printing mine in PLA at 0.20mm layer height and 60mm/s. The top should be printed in Green filament. Finally, the parts can be dry brushed using Acrylic Paints to add some texture.    Because the top of the spikes tend to be very narrow, I have also uploaded an EZ-print version, where they have been cut off once they reach 1mm thickness, this should allow for an easier print. Make sure you have your retraction and ooze calibrated well before printing this one!

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