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This big mammal is seriously in trouble.

Whales can live over 150 years, and have a slow reproducing cycle. That makes them very vulnerable to population oscillations or even collapse.

Whaling and overfishing together is an heavy lift and will drown all the ecosystem.

Blue whales, the biggest animal ever existed, have still not recovered from being hunted to the brink of extinction.

I hope this toy will remind how gentle those mammals are, and how much we need to preserve them as much all the ecosystem that keep us alive.


My personal and tested settings:

This toy have moving parts.

Print this toy at once. No assambly needed. Don't had any supports or it wont work properly.

Here you can find a timelapse of this print.


0,4mm nozzle

100% original size

0,2mm layer height

1mm exterior wall

20% infill

2400 mm/min max printing speed (40 mm/sec) (I think this depends on your machine)

I've used 5% to 10% white filament (about 150mm using 3mm filament) at beginning then changed to blue filament to give this two color style print. (I only have one extrusion in my prusa).


I hope you or/and your kids enjoy as much as me and my kids enjoy this whale.

Don't forget to have fun!

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