Hex Phone Sound Amplifier

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A clean and simple amplifier for your mobile phone. Certainly not a new idea but I needed something to help cleanup my desk and allow me to play music (or just hear the phone ringing from the opposite end of the house!). And of course I needed it to be my own unique design. Check out the video of this working at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roSVK2uKq50

A modified version of this won the i.Materialise 3D Printed Wood Challenge (http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/announcing-five-winners-of-our-3d-printed-wood-challenge)

Check the dimensions of your phone against the slot dimensions pictured - I designed this for smaller phones like my old Samsung Galaxy S2, so you may want to scale up the design prior to printing if you're using a giant phone. Read more about the design of this product on my blog, including the multi-coloured effect created by swapping filament colours during printing. https://edditiveblog.wordpress.com/category/phone... Enjoy!

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