TAZ hexagon Hotend 40mm Fan Mount

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Update 5/31/15 This is the final version. My machine has been happily printing for a full week with zero issues. Update 5/24/15 With feedback I made the open end of the funnel section larger so it covers the bottom part of the heat sync. Have mine up and running today, so far so good but have not pushed it yet. The original fan is only 0.57cfm while the new one is 4.83cfm, big difference. I have seen the problems people have with heat creep since the TAZ printer started using the Hex hotend. It's caused by that tiny fan not being able to keep it properly cooled for long prints. So I decided I would tackle the issue by making my own mount. Now, I have a TAZ 4 with the Hexagon Hotend upgrade and that is what I designed this for. I am not 100% sure it will fit on the TAZ 5 but I think it will. This did take 8 hours of design and around 5 prints to get it right. I don't have my fan yet (should be here tomorrow) but I am fairly confident this will work properly. I wanted to stick with the 5v fan since the wiring is already there. I also wanted to find the best fan I could get that would not be noisy and would last a long time. I did a lot of searching and decided there was one great choice, a Noctua NF-A4x10 5v fan, this brand came highly recommended by some high end computer builders, they called it ugly since it's brown and off white but that is the signature of Noctura and they are not from China but Austria I got my for $14.89 off Amazon. The fan shroud fits around the cooling fins by friction but also has a single bolt mount using the existing hotend bolt. Please let me know if this works on the TAZ 5 or TAZ Mini is you decide to use it. Remember this is a work in progress, this might end up being the final design but I won't know until I have fully tested it.

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