Slider Puzzle. 3x3.


The classic 3x3 slider puzzle to test your skills and patience. As you can see in the photo I suck at puzzles and cant get the last two numbers. Hopefully you can.

Print the frame and the number blocks. I have included a normal and mirrored versions because for some reason my printer printed the normal as mirrored and vise versa so you will have to see which one your printer will do correctly. Just print one of the number blocks and see how it comes out then use the appropriate files. After cleaning up the print slide the blocks into the frame and push the end frame on. look under the two frame pieces and you will see a small divot at one corner. Make sure these are together when pushing the end on. Check that the blocks slide freely. If not make sure all the support is removed from the corners and under the tabs. Smoothing the block sides with some fine sandpaper helps as well. If the end frame does not fit tight enough put a drop of superglue on the tabs. Print at 0.1 layers, 3 perimeters and 50% infill. Set support for everywhere for best print. Be careful removing support from the blocks so you dont break the edges. I used 3.5mm spacing and 1 interface layer and it came apart ok. Use a different color filament for the blocks and highlight the numbers with a felt pen. Scramble the numbers then try to arrange them in order from left to right. Good Luck.

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