Old Twayne River Raft

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I have spent a lot of time daydreaming and wandering the streets of Disneyland and Disney World. Much of my time at my favorite places on earth was spent on an island in the middle of the park. To get to this island in the middle of the park, one must hop on a raft and with the assistance of a highly-trained pilot, you are taken to one of the most amazing places in the park. I have spent countless hours on this island drawing and just taking everything in. 

This model is in homage to this island and the most amazing place on earth. This is the Old Twayne River Raft. This raft is highly detailed and prints with both the rudder and flagpole. All pieces print in high detail both in .15 and .2 resolution. You can print the raft off the bed with supports to get full under raft rope details. If you drop the model to the plate you will still get amazing detail but a nice flat bottom for desktops. 

This model floats very well and the rudder actually works! My kids really dig it. 

Print Details: 

Prints well with or without support

You should print with a raft (ha ha raft, get it?!)

resolution .15 or .2

Infill: 10 or 15

PLA for a model or PET/G if you will be using it as a bath toy :)

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