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This castle will be a good gift for your child.

This medieval castle consists of over 20 parts that you can slot together in different configurations ;

This fortified keep will be in the center of the castle . The ideal place to imprison enemies. Choose brighter colours if you prefer fairytale castles , dark filament if you want the castle to look scary .The first file is the keep , the second is tall round tower , the third is short round tower , the fourth is portcullis,  the fifth is short column with windows ,sixth is square tower, the seventh is square tower ( more stones on walls) , Eighth file is rampart without drawbridge , ninth is Rampart with drawbridge & tenth is rampart .Set the infill to 10 per cent .ONLY the keep needs supports.  If you found this useful, please donate what you think it is worth to my

Design Files

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Castle- Keep.stl
348 KB
Castle -Portcullis.stl
8.87 KB
Castle- short round tower.stl
16.1 KB
Castle- Tall round tower.stl
16.1 KB
AutoSave_Castle-short column WITH windows.stl
26.4 KB
AutoSave_Castle-tall round tower with windows.stl
28.9 KB
AutoSave_Castle-square tower.stl
56.9 KB
AutoSave_Castle-Square tower FINAL.stl
99.5 KB
AutoSave_Castle-rampart without drawbridge.stl
106 KB
AutoSave_Castle-Rampart with drawbridge.stl
118 KB
AutoSave_Castle-rampart 1.stl
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