Digital Bite-guard Appliance

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Digital bite-guard or bite splint

A bite splint is a dental appliance typically made out of acrylic that covers the teeth on one arch and can be made to manage a number of different dental conditions. Bite splints can be made out of hard or soft dental acrylics. They are typically custom-made but there are over-the-counter varieties as well.

This splint device was digitally designed in 3Shape Appliance Designer and realistically rendered in KeyShot Pro

Design Files

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1234567890_Splint_Appliance1_ScannedModel {Maxilla}.stl
4.9 MB
1234567890_Splint_Appliance_ScannedModel {Mandible}.stl
4.77 MB
1234567890_Splint_Appliance1_Bar {Max1}.stl
8.79 MB
22.5 MB
41 MB
22.9 MB


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