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Look carefully at this light and you'll see that there is a small space between the curved ribs. My original idea was to make the top completely closed/solid, but my first guess at the required number of ribs wasn't quite right and left a space between the ribs. When I saw this it occurred to me that these gaps might be a good idea, so this design reflects my second guess at the proper number of ribs.

The small space increases the printing time since it causes the printer to make a large number of small moves, and this is a slow process. The net result is that this lamp printed in a little over 25 hours using a print speed of 90 mm/sec and a layer height of 0.200 mm.

This lamp is designed to hold any one of several LED lights called "puck" lights. You can get these powered by either batteries of wall power. This blog page has links for wall powered lights that work well:

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