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3D model Format file : OBJ

If you have any question (change the scale,3D print model Format file : STL,OBJ,FPX ,… ),Feel free contact to me email: [email protected]

I am Passionate 3D artist with over severals years of experience in 3D modeling,

Character Modeling & Sculpting in Zbrush 3d photoscan cleanup Make a 3D printed figurine create 3d models from the reference Retopology , Texturing , … Realistic 3D Modeling from Pics

head : 150$ - 3:5 day

bust : 200$ - 4:7 day

Full body : 300$ - 10:13 day

Character modelling : Depending on the complexity

I have money-back guarantee if you didn’t like the designed 3D model.

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