4 inch boat trailer bow roller kit with bells v07 3d print

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4 inch boat trailer bow roller kit with bells v07 3d print

This is a 4 inch boat trailer bow roller with bells. Used to replace an existing cracked and faded bow roller set-up, or to beef up your current  one this roller is the best option on the market. The brand polyurethane or PETG bow roller ensures that you will not have any issues for the  remaining life of your boat and trailer. Other rollers with crack, fade, and mark up your boats hull, leading to a damaged bow stop which could  cause the bow of your boat to hit the winch post. To avoid this, only use hi quality products, because they simply are the best bang for your buck.  This assembly includes the 4 inch bow Roller, the 2  bells.   You nedd to buy  a stainless steel 1/2 inch diameter bolt to mount the assembly. 

Perfect For Aluminium Boats, Jon Boats, Bass Boats, Fishing Boats & More.



for Boat Wheel Trailer and Seat Yacht Accessories  for 3d print and cnc 

Ideal for use on small to medium sized boats with aluminium hulls. Help self centre your boat each time you retrieve your boat after a day on the water! Why use these boat trailer rollers? When treated correctly; you wont experiance the common problems of frequent cracking or splitting which is seen in rubber & PVC rollers. These self centering rollers are the perfect addon for all style boats including - Aluminium boats, Bass Boats, Deck Boats, Dinghies,  Fishing Boats, Jon Boats, Sail Boats & Many more!

Made in real size (see photo).  Suitable for real use in the manufacture of wood, aluminum, pla, peg or polypropylene or else 

Keel Rollers are essential for the trailer loading, and unloading process. They Support the hull, guide the boat and furthermore  protect it from damage. These keel rollers are most commonly mounted on the trailers cross-members in front and behind the trailers axles.  Tapered design for optimal hull support. Makes launching a breeze. 

Model initially created by solidmade. 

You can make the product on a 3D printer or cnc machine from plastic, wood and any other material. the model can also be made using cnc machine turning wood.Also the model can be executions in castings.   If necessary, I can make injection molds for pouring on a separate order for an agreed payment.

The size is shown in the drawings.  Render scene is not included. Suitable for graphical projects and 3D print projects.

Everything can be seen in the photo.

the model is easily scaled in any program for printing, etc.

The model can be printed as a 3D model, as well as produced on CNC machines.

Made in solidmade, tested in the manufacture of the master model of the product.

This is a fully solid-state version for 3d-print, this is not a scan version.

At the photos you can see the contours of the models on screens with stl or obj files, it is enough  to understand the possibility of printing a model or producing a model by a cnc machine

It is possible to model anyone another model according to your size or drawings and sketches.

ATTENTION! This item is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL *OBJ file format) for ARTCAM, ASPIRE, CUT3D,Simplify3D, Cura and  anyone software applications for CNC and 3D printers. 

Its files For CNC Routers and 3D printers.

Not a vectric, not a bitmap file, not a G-code. You buy a digital model image file for the manufacture of the product,  and not the product itself as a physical unit of goods made of glass or wood.

Non-commercial use only.

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RackMultipart20191204-24354-1y2i9ki.zip/roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v5_centr_roll_obj.obj
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roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v5_centr_roll_stl.stl
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RackMultipart20191204-24354-152qc0x.zip/roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v5_centr_roll_stl.stl
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roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v5_centr_roll_obj.obj
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roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v6_bell_stl.stl
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RackMultipart20191204-11223-1mumx1o.zip/roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v6_bell_stl.stl
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roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v6_bell_obj.obj
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RackMultipart20191204-11223-1sreiks.zip/roller_forvard_4inch_v07 v6_bell_obj.obj
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