dog whistle keeshond german-spitz

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I sculpted my Keeshond charlie and put a whistle on it its  loud high pitch sound, printed in abs at 234 degree C, with support on .

2 days work sculpting than printed 6 pieces 100% 80% 75% all work. my dog reacts from far away with the 75% one it is a great print working model i like the 80%  size you get two models for the price of 1 Charlie7metgatbek got a space in his mouth to put a 1.75 mm abs or pla in when printed 80% size. layer 0.2 with SUPPORT ON!

It is a great jewel to carry strong pretty and durable! use gold nail polish to give it expression.

p.s. click on the black photo's to get a 3d view.

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