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What do you do when you are bored? I just design some things... This time I designed a simple smartphone stand that can be used with small and large phones. My Samsung A5 with attached bumper (5.2") fits nicely and even my large Nexus 6P (5.7") does not fall over. The maximum allowed phone thickness is 10mm.

I made three versions of this stand:

  • The small one will print on small printers with a build space of 100x100x100 (e.g. Fabrikator II Mini). But then an USB connector will not fit under the stand.
  • The large one needs a build space of 100x100x120 and then there should be enough space for an USB connector under your phone.
  • The extra large one needs a build space of 130x130x140 and is meant for tablets.

This thing must be printed with support.

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