Transformers Autobot Shuttle


This is my version of the Transformers Movie Autobot Shuttle. It was printed in PLA at 0.28 mm layer height and 10% infill. The shuttle pod detaches similar to the original. While I used superglue to affix the blasters and the center engine you may find them to be tight enough without it. The pod is definitely tight in its block connection. I have placed the colors of the parts in the design files to make it easier to figure out which to use. I suggest laying the main part flat on its bottom while the pod should remain upright so the Autobot symbol will print well. 

Design Files

File Size

Blasters_Grey (repaired).stl
108 KB
CenterEngine_grey (repaired).stl
18.4 KB
LeftThruster_Grey (repaired).stl
152 KB
LeftWing_Orange (repaired).stl
236 KB
Main_Orange (repaired).stl
214 KB
RightThruster_Grey (repaired).stl
152 KB
RightWing_Orange (repaired).stl
236 KB


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