GearBox Clutch & Jewelry Set

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This unique jewelry set contains two earrings and a necklace that all come together to form a single gear. The replica snuff box serves as a Jewelry Box or a Clutch when wearing the gear. Hardware needed. The dual color on some pictured were created by pausing my printer and swapping filament colors. I've also included a stripped down version for printing in materials like Colorfabb Bronzefill that need sanding or finishing.

I designed this Jewelry Set for a Steampunk Festival held annually in Waltham MA and the Box is the product of a North Shore 3D Printing Club project involving Nathaniel Hawthorne's personal snuff box on display in Salem MA.

This item has been the subject of some "Role Play in Design" Lightning Lectures in reference to the design process. To summarize, an artisan character "found" a gear ( I designed a gear in virtual space ) then the artisan character decided to re-purpose the gear into a jewelry set to trade at the local market ( I broke the virtual gear into 3 pieces and added holes or extruded planes to form a jewelry set ). As the character incarnate, I sold the 3D Printed results as a vendor in a steampunk environment IRL.

This contest submission was partially designed with Sketchup software and 3D Printed with FolgerTech Hardware.

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