Black Angel Board game insert

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This is my design for a box insert/organizer for the Black Angel board game. The card trays will fit sleeved cards. I designed using Fusion360 and printed on an Ender 3 using PLA at .2 layer height. 

Design Files

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Spacer v1.stl
25.5 KB
TechTiles v1.stl
303 KB
Tray holder no dice v1.stl
32.3 KB
Tray holder with dice v2.stl
82.7 KB
Tsoth Cards v1.stl
409 KB
Xhavits Cards v1.stl
395 KB
AdvTech Tiles v2.stl
276 KB
Hal's Cards & Spacer v1.stl
154 KB
Meluriens Cards v1.stl
410 KB
Player Tray v1.stl
369 KB
Ravager Cards v1.stl
481 KB
Resource Tray v1.stl
360 KB


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