Element RC Enduro High Clearance Center Skid Plate

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A High clearance centre skid i have designed for the Element RC Enduro,

This gives you approximately 8mm extra clearance but as i've recessed the gearbox in to the skid it only raises the centre of gravity 4-5mm from stock,

all mounting holes are in the skid and will just need threading, I strongly recommend using stainless hardware to thread the holes as I've found the black hardware can 'grab' the material and strip the hole out, once threaded you can then use the stock black hardware.

Use the stock lower link grub screws and just wind them in through the mounting hole to mount the lower links (i lined up the gub screw on my allen driver first and marked on the driver shaft the correct depth to go in to), Then just bolt everything up as before.

One thing that will most probably be needed are 3 sideways angled rod ends (as in the pic) to raise the top links slightly (chassis mounted end), Because the lower links have been raised on articulation etc the links will just touch, Also the lower link length will need to be adjusted slightly longer to compensate the raising of the links mounting position. 

Also you will need 4 M3 x 12mm countersunk screws to hold the gearbox on.

I printed this using PLA, 0.2 Layer height and with support (touching buildplate), arranged on the print bed with the gearbox recesses facing down.

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