Christmas lithophane tier cake

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Christmas lithophane tier cake. I made this cake to fit on Walmart's Mainstays 3.5 Watt LED Desk Lamp, 11.6 Inches Height Manufacturer Part Number MS58-240-255-04. It works with the base ring stl just right. Also I have put the whole thing together can be resized and used for Christmas decoration. Maybe hang on the tree? Thanks to Lithopane Maker for the help

Design Files

File Size landing 120mm inside.stl
92.7 KB part christmas shade.stl
41.8 MB landing 80mm inside.stl
97 KB part christmas shade 129mm.stl
13.3 MB part christmas shade.stl
11.1 MB ring.stl
512 KB layer plate .stl
23.3 KB cake.stl
67.1 MB


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