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The Bodeo Model 1889 (Italian: Pistola a Rotazione, Sistema Bodeo, Modello 1889) was an Italian revolver named after the head of the Italian firearm commission, Carlo Bodeo. It was produced by a wide variety of manufacturers between 1889 and 1931 in both Spain and Italy. The Bodeo was employed by the Royal Italian Army in World War I, the Interwar Italian colonial wars, and World War II. The Bodeo comes in two distinct varieties with only superficial weapons differences. The models are designed for been printed with FDM and SLA-LCD resin machines. No sanding was needed (printed at 0,1mm layer height) but, in accordance with your 3d printer dimensional accuracy, you may need to sand some spots just a bit in order to achieve the perfect fit.  The models are a simplified version of my original CAD reconstruction from original Blueprints of the gun. Have fun building this big piece of weapons history.

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Abadie .stl
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Extraction Rod.stl
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Right Grip Screw.stl
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Left Grip.stl
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Right Grip.stl
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Whole body.stl
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Whole body retracted.stl
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