Phaser rifle from the movie Star Trek Into Darkness 2013


Model dimensions:

- length – 857 mm

- width – 51 mm

- height – 209 mm

Model consists of parts: front bottom part, front top part, grip, handle, inner front part, inner rear part, insert, left button, lower barrel, middle part, optical sight, pin, rear insert, rear part, right button, top part, upper barrel.

Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 5.0.99.

Design Files

File Size

Right button.STL
6.72 KB
28 KB
Lower barrel.STL
5.61 MB
Inner front part.STL
32.1 KB
27.6 MB
2.39 KB
41.7 MB
Front bottom part.STL
3.8 MB
Front top part.STL
7.05 MB
314 KB
2.23 MB
Inner rear part.STL
125 KB
3.71 MB
Left button.STL
6.72 KB
Middle part.STL
2.39 MB
Optical sight.STL
4.39 MB
Rear insert.STL
257 KB
Rear part.STL
4.52 MB
Top part.STL
3.23 MB
Upper barrel.STL
4.06 MB


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